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Rowdy Ravens in trouble: Jones, Pierce, Smith and Taliaferro

Four more Baltimore Ravens are in trouble for public behavior
Four more Baltimore Ravens are in trouble for public behavior
Baltimore Ravens (via NFL)

The Baltimore Ravens just can’t seem to keep their players out of the news these days and it's not always for winning awards and working in the community. Entertainment site TMZ on May 28 is reporting that wide receiver Jacoby Jones, running back Bernard Pierce and cornerback Jimmy Smith were booted out of a bar. In other news, rookie running back Lorenzo Taliaferro got himself arrested for smashing in a cab window.

In the first incident, Jones, Pierce and Smith were partying hardy at Seacrets, a Maryland bar. They apparently got a little too hammered and management asked them to leave. To quote a source at the bar, “They couldn’t maintain their composure.”

It’s all good, though, except for the bad publicity for an already beleaguered team. It was said that the trio were “cooperative and compliant” and are welcome back at any time. A source says it was put to them as, “Let’s call it a day and we’ll see ya next time.”

As to Lorenzo Taliaferro, Sportsworld News on May 28 reported that he was “arrested and charged with destruction of property and being drunk in public,” during the recent Memorial Day weekend. Taliaferro was the Ravens’ fourth-round draft pick from Coastal Carolina.

Taliaferro reportedly broke a cab window and then left the scene. He was later tracked down and arrested. The charges are misdemeanors and no injuries stemmed from this incident. This is not really a good first impression for a rookie, but we’ll have to see what comes out in court as to the whys and wherefores.

With all the recent shenanigans, this may be the Baltimore Ravens’ worst off-season ever. First there was the Ray Rice incident on Feb. 15 in Atlantic City that's been splashed all over every sports media outlet in the country. Then, barely two weeks later, wide receiver Deonte Thompson got arrested for drugs. And then, about two weeks after that, offensive lineman Jah Reid was arrested for battery. You can read about these incidents in the suggested articles below this one.

It makes you wonder what's in the water in Baltimore. Whatever it is, it's going to turn Coach John Harbaugh's hair white at the rate this team is going. Hopefully, when the season starts in earnest, the Ravens will buckle down, man up and take life a little more seriously.

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