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Rovio releases ‘Word Monsters’ game

Word Monsters screen shot
Word Monsters screen shot
Screen shot by Sandy Stachowiak

On March 27, Rovio released a new word game for iOS called “Word Monsters”. The game has players racing to create words again the clock in single player games or against an opponent.

A theme such as animals, fruits, vegetables, or names is chosen for a single player game. For playing against an opponent, players choose a random opponent, search for a player name, or choose a Facebook friend, if connected to Facebook. Limited themes are displayed for opponent games.

Play is basic. The screen displays the word puzzle and players must swipe adjacent letters to select words within the theme. However, words must be selected in a specific order so that the puzzle can be completed by wiping out all word tiles within 60 seconds. Stars and coins are earned for completing the puzzle; the quicker the puzzle is solved, the higher the score, the more coins earned, and up to three stars are received.

Boosters such as hints, freezing time, and combos are available and purchased with (what appear to be chocolate chip) cookies. Coins and cookies are used to purchase additional themes and both can be bought in the shopping cart area starting at 99 cents.

There are Leagues to join when a certain amount of stars are earned and a Monster of your own to design.

So, if you are ready to try out a new word game, “Word Monsters” from Rovio might be just the one for you!

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