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Route That Rut

Have you gotten into a rut. You come home turn of the TV while you cook dinner then zone out in front of the tube. On the week ends you may change this a little. Maybe you go out to the movies, visit friends, or something else you do every weekend.
Let's change all of this. Turn on the computer and listen to some of the music you have stored there. If you have had a rough day classical is a good choice. Don't even turn on the TV. Who knows maybe you will have a very good time and become a cable cutter. Try doing without it for a couple months and see if you serviced the TV deprivation. Perhaps you will become a cable cutter.
You have hobbies, lets surf to a site that is about your nice hobby. I have written about many of these in the past so now let us try something different. Do you enjoy reading? Go over to a book site like ( ). I really enjoy reading and this is a good place to get back into it if he haven't done much lately. This site is full of book that are out of copyright. Perhaps you haven't read The Time machine by HG wells is quite a few years. Perhaps you are more of the adventure type and will want to read The Swiss Family Robinson. If you are not keen on using the computer to read put the book on your Kindle. Reading is just a very enjoyable hobby enjoyed by many.
If you enjoy skateboarding or skiing get a ( ) Camera, strap in on and upload it to ( ) and become an online star with your skill. Head over to ( ) and find out your past beyond your grandparents. Do you have friends or relatives you haven't seen in a long time. Head over to ( ) and look them up. Start writing letters again. In this case E-mail. It is quick and easy. Once you have re-connected with these people set your self up with Skype account and start video chatting. Those acquaintances must of course also have Skype st up. It is a free serve. Worldwide relatives can keep in touch with grandchildren or siblings.
The key to all of this is just remember you don't want to get into a new rut. You are doing this to get out of a rut. Just remember the sky is the limit to what you can do so give your rut the heave ho and start

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