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Rousey's mom wants media to start focusing on her daughter's charity work

According to a Feb. 27 post from the official Dr. De Mars blog, Ronda Rousey's mom wants the media to start paying more attention to her daughter's charity work.

AnnMaria De Mars, 55, says Rousey is auctioning off her hand wraps from her UFC 170 fight against Sara McMann, to help raise funds for St. John the Baptist Church.

Rousey is also adding thousands of dollars of her own money to see that the chapel gets finished. Additionally, Rousey is donating autographs and fight gear to benefit the UN World Food Programme.

De Mars says Rousey's charity work goes largely unnoticed in the media because they are too busy reporting on stories about her "beef" with Arianny Celeste and other drama.

My point is that she gives A LOT of herself, her time, her money, her stuff - and yet no matter how many times I, or Jose Gonzalez or Jessica Bueler offer to talk to people about it there is seldom a wisp of interest. I didn't say never, but I will tell you this, she has helped with charity events far, far, far more times than she has flipped anyone off, but you'd never know it by what you read on the web or see on TV.

Analysis: De Mars makes some great points. The media does focus more on juicy drama and gossipy, headline-grabbing quotes than on her charity work.

However, many digital content producers these days get paid based on how many clicks they can get on an article, and traditional reporters are asked to produce stories that sell newspapers.

A story about Rousey donating autographs to charity simply isn't as interesting as her feud with Arianny Celeste, or a report on some other drama in her life.

With that said, De Mars is absolutely correct with what she had to say. Unfortunately, tabloid-style journalism is going to win out in most cases just because that is what drives web traffic and sells magazines.

To counter this, De Mars and Rousey could hire a personal publicist to pump out more stories about her charity work. It's a publicist's job, not the media's job, to shine a positive light on their client.

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