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Roundabout construction lot detours Coronado traffic

Seventh Street roundabout work well underway in June.
Seventh Street roundabout work well underway in June.
City of Coronado

Work on a landscaped roundabout on Seventh Street in Coronado stayed unfinished last week. STreet dirt road work around the roundabout, and onthe three streets, kept out traffic.

Coronado closed the intersection to traffic during construction. Drivers on the island streets was detoured around the Seventh Street construction area.

Local officers kept traffic flowing in the area using increased traffic enforcement.

Drivers taking the way around, after construction, will see new curbs and gutters. New driveways will line the travel streets.

Workers excavated the area to put in new landscaping. In jUne, work on the irrigationn lines and controller wiring had begun.

The center island will be a neighborhood growth garden. Landscape cover will grow on raised median ground filled with dirt at a higher level. Grading the median turns the median landscape into a ridged Coronado traffic center.

Edging the island with a retaiing wall will keep the travel landmark visible.

The walking neighborhood in Coronado stays trimmed with well cut trees and grasses. Slowing traffic at the roundabout stops drivers from using the Seventh Street neighborhood for fast long distance tarvel. Work done during Summer onthe road, and island, slows down the commutes, taking time out of commuters' relaxation and play days.

Entry to the neighborhood streets will return to usual after the roundabout road construction ends. Plans to end tie ups at intersections will calm the rotuine trip traffic, and, neighborhood crossings. Changing the look of the landscape cover in Coronado, still not done around town, livens up the travel lanes.

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