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Round the bases!

After a nice long break through the beautiful winter months, it’s finally time to reunite and gather around for a new season. No, this is not about the panda mating season, though that’s pretty neat, but about the baseball diamond. For well over a century people have had the pleasure of relaxing and taking joy in seeing the pin stripes going to work. Having a 9 to 5 schedule can sometimes become monotonous and frustrating, so coming home to some grub and watching the game is a refreshing scapegoat. As a pass time, baseball has really helped people of all ages. For example, it provides entertainment, a good conversation piece, and a social activity. On a nice warm evening it’s even more enjoyable going to a game (either minor league or major league) because ticket prices aren’t too high. Specifically, for a younger generation, baseball plays a different kind of role.

Baseball was designed to be played for fun, but then unraveled into a business. Once this business was formed it became a dream for young kids to focus on. Now statistically, baseball was not ideal as a profession for the average player. With kids focusing their attention on baseball (or other sports) they are learning responsibility and staying out of trouble. Baseball also gives the youth a chance to bond with their parents. For a dad, this is a nice moment to take part in a child’s life and show support. Along with support, baseball provides a common thread between generations and helps create positive memories.

As time continues to move along, baseball remains constant and that is something that people will always be able to count on. It has been able to bring people together and create happiness for them. There is just something so soothing about a pitch landing in a glove or when the ball cranks the bat. All in all, baseball is a major part of the warm seasons and no matter the reason, it makes communities, both, big and small, a little bit happier and easier to tolerate.


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