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Round Rock police shoot and kill dog in it's own home while owner was at work

Bullet, shot in his own home by police
Bullet, shot in his own home by police

A Texas dog is dead, shot inside the owner's home while the owner was at work. FOX 7 reported the story May 30.

Russell Lane of Round Rock was at work Friday, when he got an alert his home alarm system was going off. It wasn't long after that Russel's neighbor contacted him saying shots had been fired inside his house after police arrived.

Russel says the alert came in on his phone around 9 a.m. He explained how his front door is difficult to shut, and likely came open, setting off the alarm. He disarmed the system from his phone.

When Russell arived at home, he learned Round Rock officers had shot his 8-year-old Rottweiler. Bullet, who was like a son to Russell. Bullet was fired at seven times, with five of those shots hitting and killing him.

A video can be viewed by clicking here.

Bullet was a special dog, who had his own bedroom. He slept in there, and a sign in Russells window said "beware of dog." Unfortunately, the officer's on-scene couldn't read, and now Bullet is dead.

Not only was Bullet shot, police took his body. Russell found hair on the floor and two bullet holes in the wall.

In an interview with FOX7, Russell stated

"I understand if he got out and you were scared for your life because he was an aggressive dog, and you kill him out in the streets to protect someone but you don't come in this dogs house in his place and murder him."

Yes, Russell, police can and do go onto property and into homes on a daily basis and murder the family dog. Unfortunately, Russell had to learn this the hard way.

Russell has vowed justice for Bullet saying

"I can assure you, they won't get away with killing Bullet in this house."

Now Russell is faced with cremating his dog, who should have been safe in his own room, in his own home. Police have released the body, and Russell has paid a visit to the police department. A supervisor came to the house and re-examined the murder area.

Police said they made 8-10 announcements through the cracked front door. When three Round Rock police officers entered the home, officers claim they were approached in an aggressive manner by the family dog.

Officers made the decision to continue firing their weapons until the threat was stopped-forever.

The department says an investigation is now being conducted, as is protocol anytime an officer discharges their weapon.

This webpage has phone numbers for the city of Round Rock. Please feel free to contact any of their representatives to express your opinion.

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