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Round Rock police have determined officers followed protocol in killing dog

Officers cleared for killing Bullet
Officers cleared for killing Bullet
Facebook: Justice for Bullet

Round Rock police officers involved in the shooting death of a dog have been cleared on any wrongdoing, KTBC Fox 7 reported June 5.

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Russell and Lake Hope, the owner’s of a Rottweiler named Bullet, say they’ll continue to fight for justice in the shooting death of their dog.

Bullet was shot and killed May 30 by Round Rock police, who were responding to a burglar alarm at the home. This family dog was killed in his own room, inside the home that should have been a place where he was safe.

Unfortunately, police ended that safety, then within 24 hours of the incident, Russel says officers involved changed their story. Now they were placing the blame on Bullet.

Despite Round Rock Police Chief Allen Banks and his commander paying a visit to the Hope home, the decision has been made. Following an investigation, it has been determined that officers followed protocol in shooting a defenseless dog seven times, with five bullets striking Bullet.

Russell stated in an interview with Fox7

"They're not going to tell me that the officer fired seven shots at a dog because he had to. They aren't going to tell me he had to fire seven shots because you can hit a full grown man one time with a 40 caliber weapon, which that was what he was firing, and take him down.“

Officers involved say Bullet was growling and advancing toward the officers, giving them the right to pump a defenseless dog full of bullets. Russels says he’ll take the case to court to get justice for Bullet.

"Accountability starts with admitting that you've done something wrong. If they aren't willing to do that, then I'm going to let federal court decide that because I feel it did violate my civil rights. They say that a dog is property in the state of Texas, you can't deprive me of my property without due recourse."

The family is getting a necropsy done on Bullet to learn what direction Bullet was going when the officers shot him.
Round Rock police issued a media statement saying

"Prior to this unfortunate event, the department has been working on additional training, purchasing equipment, and reviewing current policies in dealing with aggressive animals. We have reviewed and selected a nationally recognized training program in dealing with aggressive animals. The training is currently taking place for all commissioned police officers. We will continue to review our processes to ensure the safety of our officers as well as animals we encounter."

A vigil is set for Bullet on Saturday. His Facebook page, Justice for Bullet, can be found here.

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