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Rough waters? Dare to be a risk taker



Four years ago, I went white water rafting after a hiatus of ten years. The first rapids we encountered had us going over a waterfall, a 10-12' drop, a scary, for me at least, prospect. As we approached the fall, our guide warned us, that no matter what, keep paddling.

Going over the fall, however, we became rattled and began leaning into the raft, seeking safety and, in effect, not paddling. The result: as the raft went over the falls, it went vertical and 7 of the 9 people in the raft were thrown into the rapids. Lesson learned: in rafting, when you hit rough waters, keep paddling, playing it safe doesn't work.

Tough times, like rough rapids, requires the same approach. Don't play it safe, don't stop working, don't buy into pessimism, keep paddling. It is the risk- takers, not the risk avoiders, who thrive, even in lean times. Your choice is which one you will be.

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