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Rotted Hulk from 'Journey Into Nyx'

Rotted Hulk
Wizards of the Coast

Rotted Hulk is one of the newest cards from Wizards of the Coast's expert "Magic: The Gathering" expansion set "Journey Into Nyx." Featured in the "Pantheon's Power" Intro Pack, Rotted Hulk is one of the first cards you'll want to cut out of it.

Rotted Hulk - 3B
Creature - Elemental (Common)
The hulk rose from the sea and loomed over the Champiojn. Pinned beneath the twisting, rotted planks of wood was the body of Kaliaros, the helmsman of her former crew, and beside him the captain, Photine.
-The Theriad


Every set has its limited filler cards, and "Journey Into Nyx" is no exception. Rotted Hulk is a good blocker for limited decks that need support. It'll also sometimes get in for a couple points of damage, however there's many more interesting cards to choose from when making a constructed deck.

Of course, that's not to say that Rotted Hulk doesn't have its merits. Rotted Hulk makes an excellent cup coaster and a unique sound as it brushes against the spokes of your bicycle. Unfortunately due to the amount of ink in a "Magic: The Gathering" card using Rotted Hulk as kindling for a camp fire isn't recommended. Feel free to use it to scrape gum off the bottom of your sneakers though.

How will you use Rotted Hulk?

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