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Roswell shelter dogs labeled for death: Help needed for immediate rescue

We have overstayed our welcome at Roswell Animal Control; please don't let us die.
We have overstayed our welcome at Roswell Animal Control; please don't let us die.
Urgent Dogs of Roswell Animal Control

Two more dogs at Roswell Animal Control in New Mexico are slated to die by lethal injection. Trevor, or better known as Cage 57, is a two-year-old brindle pit bull mix. He must have had an owner, because he came into the shelter wearing a pretty blue collar. Sadly his family has not claimed him.

Does his family work, and they are not able to get to Roswell Animal Control at the limited hours of operation? Does the family even have the money to reclaim their dog? Does the shelter ever reach out to the community with low cost or free spay and neuter programs?

Look into his face; that hope of someone leading him out of the shelter still glimmers in his eyes.

Then there's Flander, or better known as Cage 52; this two-year-old black and white heeler might have a rescue person coming for him on Friday, but "tomorrows" aren't always promised at Roswell Animal Control.

Please follow Roswell Urgent Animals at Roswell Animal Control on Facebook by clicking here for Trevor.

Follow Flander's desperate plight on Facebook with Roswell Urgent Animals at Roswell Animal Control by clicking here.

All rescue organizations interested in pulling dogs and cats out of this shelter must now adhere to new regulations.

Roswell Animal Control is located at 705 E. McGaffey in Roswell, N.M. 88201. Please call (575)-624-6722.

Share Trevor and Flander's stories with your friends, family, and coworkers. Maybe someone will recognize one of these beautiful dogs as that special family member who ran away? Sharing saves lives, and these guys need every chance they can get.

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