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Roswell school shooting: Did 12-year-old shooter warn friends to stay home?

The seventh grade shooter who opened fire on a gymnasium filled with middle school students may have warned some of his friends not to come to school on Tuesday. According to CNN News on Jan. 14, Roswell, New Mexico police are looking into reports that the preteen shooter warned some of his friends to stay away from school before the attack.

Roswell school shooting: 12-year-old shooter warned friends not to come to school on Tuesday.

Two students were wounded in the shooting, an 11 year-old boy is in critical condition with gunshot wounds to his head and neck. He has undergone two surgeries. The other student injured is a 13-year old girl. She is listed in stable condition after undergoing surgery for a gunshot wound in her shoulder. The 12-year-old shooting suspect is in custody today with many questions unanswered including why would he do this?

The quick and brave thinking of a social studies teacher put a halt to the shooting. John Masterson stood in front of the 12-year-old holding the gun and persuaded him to put down the gun before anyone else was hurt. This man is called the “hero” in this case today for very deserving reasons.

The unnamed shooter brought a 20-gauge shotgun with the wood stock sawed off to school. He pulled this out of a bag and opened fire on the kids waiting for school to start. It is not known where he got his hands on such a lethal weapon.

Friends of the shooter report that he was friendly and he wasn’t having any problems in school, such as being bullied. Pin pointing a motive for this shooting has perplexed even the people who knew this preteen well.

The attack lasted 10-seconds thanks to the man the kids call Mr. Masterson. He was asked by police not to comment on this case, but all he would say when contacted by the media was “It was a harrowing experience” and “All I can say was the staff did a good job.”

Roswell schools are closed today to give the city of 50,000 a chance to catch their breath after this horrific tragedy hit them in their own backyard.

Police have obtained three search warrants in this case, one for the shooter’s home, one for his school locker and one for the bag he brought with him from school.

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