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Roswell man's $43,000 credit: Man blows through $43,000 now bank wants it back

Man spends $43,000 credited to his bank account by mistake and the bank wants its money back!
Man spends $43,000 credited to his bank account by mistake and the bank wants its money back!
University of Utah

A bank mistakenly recorded a man’s $430 deposit as $43,000 and that windfall went unnoticed, not by the customer, but by the bank. Instead of alerting the bank to the error of their ways, the Roswell, New Mexico man quietly spent every last dime of the bank’s money, according to 11 Alive on July 2.

The bank did get around to discovering the error and they informed the man he needed to pay the money back. They have tried to contact the man numerous times and one bank official actually did get to talk to him, but he still he owes the bank $43,000. He's made no attempt to pay it back.

Now the Washington Federal Bank needs to pursue the man legally to recoup their money. The district attorney is deciding if this will proceed as a case with criminal charges levied against the man, or if it will be a case for civil court, according to KOB News.

What is going to happen if the man doesn’t have the means to pay the money back? You can’t get blood from a stone, so they say. It doesn't look too good for the guy because other cases like this have ended up with the spend-happy bank customers spending some time behind bars.

This isn’t the first time a bank has made a mistake and deposited a large sum of money into a bank account. Many people do the right thing and notify the bank, but still others empty the money out of their account and spend it.

A $900,000 mistake back in 1993 got 43-year-old Idrees Kussair facing charges of grand-theft and ultimately cost him his freedom, according to in an archived article from that time. Kussair deposited a $100,000 check that he received due to an accident his wife was involved in and the bank added that extra “0” making Kussair a millionaire.

He too spent every last dime, paying off mortgages on rental properties and withdrew $340,500 to bring with him to his native home in Pakistan on a trip. His defense was that he thought the money was his, deposited due to one of his many business dealings.

He was thrown in jail and his wife and kids had a tough road to travel without him as all money coming in went to pay off the enormous debt. This is a great example of “if it looks too good to be true it probably is.” Unless it’s a lottery win or an inheritance from a distant unknown relative, when you find a surprise million dollars in your bank account, it could cost you a lot in the end!

Back in March 11 Alive News reported that a Georgia teen found and extra $31,000 in his bank account and he withdrew or made purchases using $25,000 of that money. Another man with the same name had actually made that deposit into his account .The bank made arrangements with Steven Fields to repay the money and when he couldn’t the bank pressed charges. He was arrested and was let out on bail.

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