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Roswell man's $43,000 credit: Bank's customer may face charges after ATM mistake

A Roswell man got a $43,000 credit from his New Mexico bank after depositing just $430. That is the kind of scenario that many people dream of having, but of course it is pretty rare for it to not catch up with someone. How did it play out for this bank customer? KTSM shared the details on Wednesday.

Should the Roswell man's $43,000 credit via an ATM mistake stand?
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Though many would be tempted to not say anything and hold onto the money, it is likely that the majority of people out there would contact the bank and make them aware of the mistake. In the case of the Roswell man's $43,000 credit, he apparently decided to stay mum. It did not go unnoticed for long, however.

Police are now involved, and they say that the man quietly spent the entire $43,000 that was accidentally credited to his account. KOB 4 indicates that the bank discovered the error, which took place last November, and they contacted the man to tell him that he needed to repay the money. He has not done it. The bank has contacted him multiple times, and he seemingly is not working with them.

The bank has now contacted the police, and they are taking legal action. The district attorney is now considering whether to pursue criminal charges. It may also be decided that the bank needs to pursue a civil case with the man instead. At this point, it seems neither the bank or the Roswell man who got the $43,000 credit are commenting publicly on the case.

Should the unnamed man step up and pay it back? Should the bank pursue a case against him? Reports indicate that the bank has spoken with the man involved, but they have yet to come to an agreement about how to move forward. The Roswell man's $43,000 credit from the ATM mistake has certainly created a big mess for everybody involved.

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