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Roswell man $43,000 credit: Sneak spending bank money costs customer $43,000

Roswell man has $43,000 credit due to bank error.
Roswell man has $43,000 credit due to bank error.
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In New Mexico, a Roswell man accepted a $43,000 credit into his bank account when he actually deposited $430 at an ATM machine. Rather than notify the bank of this enormous error, the bank customer sneaked the money for himself for a spending spree and now it's costing him, reports July 2.

The bank realized the error they'd made and told the man he must repay all of the money. The incident happened last November and a bank official has spoken to him by phone. Despite their multiple attempts in reaching out to the man besides that call, he has yet to pay the money and now the bank is taking legal action.

KOB 4 explains in their report that the district attorney will decide if prosecuting the case for criminal charges is the route they want to take or have the bank sue the man in civil court in an effort to get the money returned. The Roswell man spent the entire $43,000 credit erroneously posted to his bank account, and it was never his funds to begin with.

According to the news source, Washington Federal Branch Manager says they aren't commenting on the incident.

While a lot of people would be tempted to keep such a large sum of cash for themselves, a number of people admit they'd also notify their bank of the error. If a financial institution doesn't catch their clerical error right away, they will eventually after investigating their daily transactions. The Roswell man getting a $43,000 credit when it was tens of thousands of dollars over what he deposited, he didn't think that this would lead to a huge red flag fo the bank.