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Rostrum Records secret weapon: Vali's 'Paper Charade EP' raises the bar

Vali's 'Paper Charade EP' raises the bar in Pop music
Vali/Rostrum Records

Many new artists after having Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J featured on their single would get a big head. Vali is the complete opposite. Born and raised in New York, Vali is no stranger to the hustle and grind that is essential for new artists. Coming from a musical family where she wasn’t allowed to eat her dinner until she finished her piano lesson, life was consumed with one day becoming a star.

Only in the music game for a little over a year, she remains humble. With promoting her new EP “Paper Charade,” she still looks back to family and made time to sing at a memorial service in Connecticut. Since she was already on the East Coast, she took this opportunity to visit her mother in NYC before going back on the road.

Her career start was organic. Working as a background dancer for hip hop videos, she sat next to Benjy Grinberg, the founder of Rostrum Records, on a plane back to New York. After being offered a listening session to her music, Grinberg asked Vali to work with his new artist Wiz Khalifa.

Recently signing to Creative Artist Agency, Vali has confirmed she is no longer a freshman in what she calls the music industry-school.

The Paper Charade EP lays it out simply, “You pay for the games you play.” Vali gives fans her outlook on money, love, heartbreak and deception that life throws at you.

The track with the most heat is Dimes, featuring Wiz Khalifa and representing Vali in her purest form. The urban pop track is deep, revealing her grind as a youngster. The video compliments the lyrics with symbolism of the pop heavyweight contender walking an alligator, representing her wild side and what she has accomplished in life. Dimes is a stepping stone for Vali, showing her confidence to hold her own with her amazing voice, flawless dancing and her range as a musician, “My mother always said, ‘It’s a dime and a dream.’ To me, it’s always been more than just a dollar, everyone doesn’t grow up with a lot.’

Next banger up is "Lotto." Who doesn't want to win the Lotto? The dreamy melody makes you feel like you need to get out and get it done, like you're holding a pocket full of cash. Let's not forget "When The Rain Goes." The bass and drum beats make you bob your head in agreement as the chorus drops. Out of all the songs on the EP, the ballad shows off the vocal talent of the songstress the most.

If you are feeling Dimes, than you will love the acoustic version of the pop hip-hop track. Vali is a musical genius that can play instruments too. The record definitely would make the cut on the infamous MTV Unplugged for sure-but we'll wait for the music video to drop first.

The first lady of Rostrum Records has her plan in tact. We can’t wait to see the Dimes Acoustic and Lotto music video, dropping sooner than you think.

Check out the EP on SoundCloud and buy it on iTunes. Don't forget to keep up with the latest on

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