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Ross Lynch of R5 talks new office depot ‘Gotta Get Inspir5d’ campaign

Back-to-School Retail Destination Connects with Band to Get Students INSPIR5D This School Year
Back-to-School Retail Destination Connects with Band to Get Students INSPIR5D This School Year
Office Depot

Office Depot and OfficeMax partnered with pop-rock quintet R5 on its ‘Gotta Get INSPIR5D’ campaign, encouraging students to work hard, do greater and think bigger. Now through September 30, students, parents and teachers can experience a one-of-a-kind augmented reality in-store experience with the band at participating store locations. Ross Lynch star of Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally and Teen Beach Movie, is happy to lend a helping hand to the back-to-school ‘Gotta Get INSPIR5D’ campaign. As students, parents and teachers set their sights on the next school year, now is the time to focus on a new beginning and a fresh start. Office Depot and R5 want to help everyone find their passion, chase their goals and make it happen. Adding to the exclusive in-store experience, back-to-school shoppers who make an in store purchase of $75 or more, can receive a limited edition R5 ‘Gotta Get INSPIR5D’ sticker sheet. The stickers contain exclusive R5 band member interviews, an exclusive R5 live performance, and a code for four free R5 songs to download. Read the full interview with Ross below and learn more about how you can get involved! (Anthony Bowles): How are you?

Ross Lynch: “I’m good, just keeping busy with R5, Austin & Ally, and I’m currently filming Teen Beach Movie 2. We also partnered up with Office Depot for their ‘Gotta Get INSPIR5D’ back-to-school campaign." (Anthony Bowles): How did you and R5 get involved with such a great partnership with Office Depot and Office Max?

Ross Lynch: “We liked the idea of the ‘Gotta Get INSPIR5D’ campaign and we love the opportunity to be able to encourage students to work harder and do great in school ” (Anthony Bowles): How would you describe the “Gotta Get INSPIR5D” campaign?

Ross Lynch: “The ‘Gotta Get INSPIR5D’ campaign is about finding your passion and going for it. Whether you want to be a writer, a musician, a doctor, a better friend. Whatever. You just gotta work hard at it, never stop.” (Anthony Bowles): What message are you trying to promote to your fans and kids getting ready to return to school this fall?

Ross Lynch: “To all our fans going back to school, I want to tell them to work super hard. There will be times when you wanna quit and you just gotta find that inspiration and keep going. Focus on getting better each day and improving your craft." (Anthony Bowles): Can you explain how you will be able to interact and connect with your fans with this campaign?

Ross Lynch: “There are a few really cool elements of the ‘Gotta Get INSPIR5D’ campaign. But one that is awesome is the augmented reality piece that is happening in all Office Depot and OfficeMax stores. You can stand in front of a screen that looks like our studio and take a picture with us. We basically come to life, on a smartphone using the Office Depot app. We move around and huddle around the fan and you can take a picture with us. So cool! The other pieces to the campaign includes exclusive images, stickers and song downloads. And a chance at a VIP concert experience, with us in Chicago. You can check out the entire experience in store or on online," (Anthony Bowles): What is one of your best first-day of school memory growing up?

Ross Lynch: “I was mostly home schooled growing up, but when I did go to school my favorite classes were literature and art. That’s when I could really be creative." (Anthony Bowles): What can your fans expect from R5 when they come to Chicago to see you guys perform live?

Ross Lynch: “The R5 family in Chicago can expect an amazing time. We love Chicago. They always go extra crazy, which we love. And when the fans go crazy we feed off that energy and put on an epic show.” (Anthony Bowles): You guys are still very new as band, what were some of your musical influences growing up?

Ross Lynch: “We are almost coming up on six years as a band, actually. And it has been such a great ride so far. We grew up on the classics. My dad played a lot of Bruce Springsteen in the house, that’s a main one. I also love the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and a more recent band called the Struts." (Anthony Bowles): What new music can fans look forward to from R5?

Ross Lynch: “We just released our new single and EP, ‘Heart Made Up On You.’ Fans can download the single on itunes. This is definitely an evolution for the band. We just started writing and putting the music together and are really happy with how it turned out. We are totally stoked about this EP.”

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