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Rosner reflects on being selected by VH1 and being ready for release show

Rosner ready to rock
Rosner ready to rock
Courtesy of Danni Rosner

Danni Rosner has a new EP album and an upcoming release show at the Hotel Cafe. Furthermore, her band is selected by VH1 in an energizing interactive contest.

During the engaging interview, Rosner's enthusiasm about the new album is contagious. She exclaims, "I'm very excited to be releasing 'LUCKY ONE' at Hotel Cafe on Friday, June 6 at 9:30 pm, it's my family there! The title track of the EP 'Lucky One' was written by my close co-writers and very good friends, Jay Roewe at HBO and his long-time writing partner, Allyson McQuade - we really felt that this song embodied the vibe of the EP, with two tracks having their own 12 week iTunes features ( "Hitchhiker" & "Didn't Mean it That Way" ) and the flawless production of producer Warren Huart, I honestly couldn't be more thrilled. Other notable co-writers on the EP are Josiah Rosen (BMG Trauma II), Heather Longstaffe (EMI Canada), Brett Gillan, Alex Feder and Marco Gonzalez. The EP was half-funded via kickstarter, and I am so grateful to all those that participated. LUCKY ONE has been a very important step in my career and if you are in the Los Angeles area, I hope you come out and celebrate with us!"

Rosner emphasizes her excitement about the venue for the release party, exclaiming, "Hotel Cafe! YES! June 6 and we go on at 9:30pm - I suggest grabbing them [the tickets] in advance because this is going to be a packed show! Tickets are here:"

Danni also explains what you can do to participate in an exciting contest that includes her new band, stating, "Well... cat is outta the bag! I've joined two of the most talented girls I've ever met - miss Whitney Fenimore and miss Molly Miller to form country-pop trio Honey County! I won't tell you EVERYTHING (except that Whitney has an amazing voice and Molly is a killer lead guitar and banjo player), but I will tell you that we've been selected as semi-finalists by VH1 for their contest 'Make a Band Famous.'! It's a pretty amazing opportunity put on by VH1 - if we make it as a finalist in the top 24 bands, we fly out to NYC and compete for a record deal with Republic Records and an extended campaign with VH1's YOU OUTGHA KNOW. To all those tweeters out there - voting is simple and easy and it starts now and ends June 5 - all you have to do is tweet: #honeycounty #mabf."

Rosner joyfully concludes the interview with a promise, stating, "June 6 will be a celebration - so come on out ya'll and see us, we're bringing our A game."