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Roslyn Kind's half-sister was not kind to a career that should be soaring

Who is who?
Who is who?
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We are not being unkind, but we do wish Roslyn Kind could have had a bigger career.
How could she when her half-sister (same mom, different pop) is Barbra Streisand?
Kind tried to become a star on her own talents, and though she had minor successes here and there, she never could fight her way clear of Babs.
Think of Lorna and Liza.
The most frustrating thing is that Kind, 63, had a marvelous voice . . . warm, gritty, soft, powerful. She sometimes reminds a listener of Streisand; maybe she does this on purpose, maybe not.
Back in the late '60s, while She With the Big Nose was a funny girl with bigger success, Kind recorded two RCA albums, Give Me You and This is Roslyn Kind. The records died, but Masterworks Broadway has decided to disinter them. The two albums have recently been released on one CD, a few weeks before Streisand's latest CD, Partners, gets released. The Masterworks flaks insist the songs Kind recorded "are fascinating time capsules from a period–1968-69–when American popular music was undergoing seismic changes. There is a bit of Broadway to be heard, but most of the material reflects Kind’s own taste and then-current trends in popular music."
And what a delight the CD is. Once listen (it all begins with a smashing take of "Give Me You") reminds you that Kind had a solid voice with appeal that could (but won't) give Babs a run for her money.
Kind had been working throughout the years, charity concerts, smaller rooms, even gay bathhouses. She rarely looked back to these albums that started her career, until this year, when her music director suggested she add material from Give Me You and This is Roslyn Kind in her live act.
The liner notes on the Masterworks Broadway are fascinating, and we won't reveal much, though the cover photo has its own tale, and developments clearly focused. Roz (she prefers "Rozzie") must down playthe look to her sister; check out the show-biz spookiness here:

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