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Rosie the Riveter coming back in style for American women

The next time there is the need for a plumber don’t be surprised if the person carrying a tool box is a woman. That is because American women are getting the message that a degree in Women’s Studies can be worthless while a plumber’s certification provides a good paying job.

Rosie the Riveter becomes symbol of WWII womanhood
Wikipedia Commons

History tells us that many women can perform skilled trade jobs as well as men. When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 millions of American men volunteered for the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines and other services. Women immediately stepped up to the plate by taking on the jobs and built tanks, airplanes, guns and whatever else was needed for the war effort.

Rosie the Riveter became a symbol of American womanhood as the country defended itself from not only Japan but also Hitler’s Germany as its UBoats came closer to the U.S. shoreline. While Sandra Fluke is a symbol of women asking for free condoms there are smart women who are attending trade schools as an alternative to becoming dependent on government handouts.

To make the transition easier there are scholarships available from many sources to train women in a variety of trades that provide professional certification for dozens of jobs that provide a lifelong opportunity and rewarding career either in employment or as a business owner that will provide jobs for other Americans.

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