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Rosie Perez joins ‘The View’: Is her annoying voice intolerable? Fans think so

Rosie Perez
Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images

Rosie Perez is an accomplished actress, a well-known community activist, dancer, choreographer, and director. Now she can add host of “The View’ to her growing resume and her fans couldn't be more delighted. According to The Daily Beast on Thursday, Rosie Perez will sign onto the ABC talk show, replacing one of the two spots that Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy left behind.

While the news is traveling quickly, not everyone is happy that Rosie Perez is joining the show. Social media is littered with negative comments about the actress being part of the daily show once hosted by Barbara Walters. It’s bizarre, but people don’t have a problem with the actress in her social media messages, her political views or even her fashion. The problem? Fans can’t stand her voice.

The number negative comments of her vocal capabilities is larger than Jenny McCarthy’s stance on shots for children. People have been coming out of the every part of the country declaring that they find Perez’s voice annoying, uncomfortable to listen to and overall sometimes tough to understand. This concern appears to be nothing more than a personal preference that viewers collectively agree on.

So is Rosie Perez’s voice really that intolerable? Well, if you ask the folks who watch the show every day it is that and more. The complaints about Rosie Perez's voice are posted by the thousands on social media. Keep in mind that Perez hasn't even said a word yet.

“Nooooo, Rosie Perez has such an annoying voice!!” writes Rachel Hernandez-Gonzalez on Facebook.

“I won't be able to watch it without cringing at her voice. Oh well,” writes Danielle Lienau a school teacher.

With all the fans hating the vocal qualities of Rosie Perez, it’s hard not to laugh at such a superficial excuse from the viewing public. Frankly, the show was set up to have different women debate topics from different points of view every day. And it has gotten completely sidetracked by one person who has a vocal quality that isn't necessarily cohesive for daily television. That’s not to say that Rosie Perez isn't qualified for the job, but her voice has set off a firestorm among the viewers that can’t be ignored. Apparently to be an appealing host for "The View" you have to be pretty, smart and sound good too.

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