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Rosie Perez interviewed by Odie Henderson at the STRAND in NYC

On Monday, March 3rd, Oscar-nominated actress Rosie Perez spoke with's Odie Henderson regarding her new book "Handbook for an Unpredicatable Life."

Examiner Jimmy Guzman with Oscar-nominated actress Rosie Perez
Jimmy Guzman
Rosie Perez speaking with Odie Henderson
Jimmy Guzman, Boston Fashion Examiner

"Handbook" is Perez's re-telling of a series of a significant moments in her life that have necessitated her self-evaluation, and forced her to reveal her humanity, her place in the world, and how who she was has shaped her into the woman that she is today.

Henderson's questions were important and insightful, and he delved into the areas of the book that held significant emotional weight for Perez. At one moment when he questioned her regarding her dedication to her mother, she thanked him for having noticed, and began a difficult explanation of why she did so, pausing occasionally to collect the words to express herself.

The most notable moment of the event was when the audience felt her celebrity vanish behind the authenticity of her humanness and how she was capable of releasing the beauty of her life into words that hovered in our hearts, and engendered an atmosphere that was both captivating, and revealing.

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