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Rosie O’Donnell already causing problems on The View

Rosie O’Donnell is causing major problems on The View and season 18 hasn’t even started yet.  Rosie is locked in a bitter feud with Whoopi Goldberg because she wants the coveted moderator seat Whoopi’s had for the past 7 years. Whoopi won’t give it up.
Photo by Theo Wargo

Season 18 hasn’t even started yet but Rosie O’Donnell is already causing problems on The View. She’s feuding with Whoopi Goldberg over the moderator’s seat. Despite the fact that Whoopi Goldberg has occupied the coveted moderator seat for the past seven years, Rosie O’Donnell wants it back. But as reports on Aug. 27, Whoopi has no intention of giving it up. As a last resort to getting the moderator’s seat back by hook or by crook Rosie finally suggested that they trade seats every other week. But Whoopi refuses to budge.

Rosie only occupied The View’s moderator seat for a few months in 2006, while Whoopi has occupied the coveted seat since 2007. But that’s irrelevant to Rosie. She feels that she’s entitled to have the seat back and is boasting to anyone who will listen that she plans to be at The View for a very long time and will not be” playing second fiddle” to anyone else. The whole thing is a power trip for her. According to on Aug. 27, the shouting matches between Rosie and Whoopi have at times become so intense that producers have had to physically stop them from fighting on the set.

With Barbara Walter’s retirement, Whoopi now considers herself the senior member of The View. But Rosie O’Donnell feels that she’s the matriarch of the show and is already acting the part. This is causing tension among the staff but ABC executives are reportedly unconcerned. In fact, they’re pleased with all the drama because it’s generating more attention for the show. While some feel that the feud between Rosie and Whoopi could be a publicity ploy to boost ratings for The View, others are convinced the feud is very real.

Whoopi was not pleased when co-hosts Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd were forced out, and it was announced that Rosie O’Donnell would return. She had been hoping that a person of color would fill at least one of those spots. Whoopi Goldberg recently signed a 4-year and is now seriously regretting that move – especially now that Rosie O’Donnell is back. Rosie has a reputation for being difficult and rude, and Whoopi has had it with all the drama surrounding the View. She wants to pursue other projects, regrets locking herself in and is trying to figure out a way to leave.

For now, the two high-profile co-hosts are locked in a fierce rivalry with each other over who will get the coveted moderator seat. Season 18 is only a few weeks away, so it’s just a matter of time before the issue is resolved and we find out which woman will prevail.

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