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'Rosie' calendars for sale in Tipp City

Ruby Randall as 'Rosie'
Ruby Randall as 'Rosie'
Sharon Elaine Photography

Despite all the construction a will to persevere runs through downtown as captured on film by Sharon Elaine with Ruby Randall posing as ‘Rosie.’ The response to the postcards have been so positive that a full calendar of photo’s has been made, which will be available for purchase and to be signed by Ruby, at the Tipp City Market Place on Saturday, June 22.

A vintage model, Ruby and Sharon Elaine, of Sharon Elaine Photography, conceived the idea for the shoot to promote awareness of the construction and encourage support for the local businesses. “We thought ‘Rosie’ would be the perfect character to visit Tipp City for the day. She stands for strength, working it out in hard times, working together, and embodies that old fashioned way of getting things done even in the midst of hardships,” said Ruby.

The weather cooperated on the day of the shoot and the construction crew fully cooperated. One of the men even brought Ruby a baby wipe from his work truck when he thought she got her hand dirty.

The public's response to the photo’s is very pleasing to Ruby, as she feels their purpose is being fulfilled. “Our hopes were to build the overall morale and to encourage people to continue to shop and support Tipp City. I have had a lot of people approach me saying that they loved the photos, that makes me feel so wonderful,” she said.

By turning a negative into a positive, the combined talents of Ruby and Sharon Elaine changed the perception of the downtown. “I think I heard it said that it was our way of making lemonade out of lemons, and that’s how I feel, like it was taking a situation that has been difficult and inconvenient for customers and business owners alike and we found a way to remind people that Tipp City is still the artistic, fun, old fashioned and nostalgic Tipp City that we know and love, even if it feels different right now. That the real heart of the city isn’t just found in the bricks and mortar, but it is mainly in the heart of those live and work in these buildings and walk these streets everyday. Those who carry that old fashioned feeling of community in their hearts, like real modern day Rosies,” said Ruby.

A limited number of calendars will be available to purchase for $25 at the Market Place on Saturday, June 22. Ruby will sign all the calendars and also any of the postcards.


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