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Rosie 50 pound loss: The funny lady gets serious about shedding pounds

Rosie O'Donnell tweets face shot of her 50 lb weight loss, drastic change!
Rosie O'Donnell tweets face shot of her 50 lb weight loss, drastic change!
Twitter/ Rosie O'Donnell

Rosie O’Donnell has dropped almost 50 pounds and she’s posted a side by side comparison photo to show her fans the drastic change. Rosie is one of those controversial stars who you either absolutely love or absolutely cannot stand. She just has that effect on folks.

No matter which of these polarized camps that you come from, you have to admit she looks great! According to E Online on April 17, Rosie hasn't posted a full body view of herself yet, but they suspect that's what comes next.

Rosie falls under that love-hate category, much like Donald Trump does. People are passionate about what people like Rosie and Trump have to say. They are very similar in their shoot-from-the-hip type personality and it’s funny how neither are big fans of one another. Even Mr. Trump would have to agree that Rosie showed some will-power to drop 50 pounds.

Just how did Rosie lose this weight? As of right now all Rosie is sharing is a picture. She hasn’t divulged her diet or exercise plan as of yet. For all anyone knows Rosie could have meditated the weight off! Chances are the funny lady put her mind to it and put the work in to come out shedding the equivalent of 10 five pound bags of sugar in weight.

Her new healthy lifestyle has not stopped Rosie from calling it as she sees it. Her posts about Lindsay Lohan’s new reality show are seen as a bit brutal by some. According to the New York Daily News, Rosie continues on her mission to call the shots in her posts about Lindsay Lohan's reality show. Rosie writes:

"The Lindsay show is a tragedy - on every level." She continues with: "I hope one day she gets sober for real and watches these episodes - n sees what we all do."

This didn’t go over very well, as one of her fans wrote back that she was making a mean comment. Rosie replies:

"What makes u think I don't get that ? My comment wasn't mean - it was accurate - she is suffering - it is sad to film n 2 watch."

You have to admit Rosie hit the nail on the head with this. Some may feel a bit foolish watching the show that offers Lindsay a stage to continue fooling herself and gain the false sense of security that she is fooling others too. She may try to portray the child star with angst who says she’s fully invested in staying sober, but many see through this. Some might feel she’s playing them for a fool just by tuning in to watch this pending train wreck on buckling tracks.

How about giving a shout-out to Rosie after all her hard work. You can say something along the lines of, Rosie, you’re looking good today, keep up the good work!

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