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Rosie: 50 pound loss gives actress new lease on life

Rosie has lost 50 pounds, and she is showing it off.
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

Rosie is proud of her 50 pound loss of weight. The actress is showing off the weight she has lost today on social media. She is clearly excited about the achievement. On April 17, New York Daily News shared the photo the actress posted on her Twitter account earlier today.

How did Rosie O'Donnell manage to lose all that weight? The first 40 pounds were lost by a medical procedure back in July 2013. The actress had a gastric sleeve operation that helped started her on a path to weight loss. She revealed the success of the operation during an interview in February, and she is now showing her further success with the additional loss of 10 more pounds.

Just looking at her in photos from recent appearances, it is clear that Rosie has made a change for the better when it comes to her life. In 2012, Rosie thought her life might be soon coming to an end when she experienced a heart attack. After that event, she decided it was time for her to lose weight, and that is when she moved forward with the weight loss surgery.

She will show off her new body and weight loss in another appearance soon. She will return to "The View" to help send off Barbara Walters on May 15. The host of the series is retiring from the show, and all her former co-hosts will return to join the current group of hosts for a special send off.

What do you think of Rosie's weight loss? Are you happy she made the move toward better health?

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