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Roseway Park beagle who bit small child in face has been returned to her owner

Stormy is home; her owner says it is time to move on.
Stormy is home; her owner says it is time to move on.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

In a very emotional case of name calling and hard feelings, Stormy the beagle has finally been returned to her owner, Claire Brown, the reported on Tuesday to her home in Roseway Park, Nova Scotia

The dog spent the last two weeks in the Municipality of Shelburne Animal Control, but Claire Brown was ecstatic to have Stormy home.

The pregnant six-year-old beagle mix bit Shirley Oikle's four-year-old child when the little boy wandered into the yard where the beagle had been chained. The child suffered a puncture wound and injuries to his face. The little boy was rushed to the emergency room, treated, and released.

Stormy has since delivered her puppies, and all of the puppies have future homes.

An extremely gracious woman, Claire Brown stated the following, even though the boy's mother wanted the dog destroyed.

“I do not agree with anyone being that hard on her. Everyone is okay and that is what is important…in my eyes no one is to blame.”

Experts agree that Stormy's pregnancy and hormones may have been a mitigating factor in the dog's sudden aggression, however her owner stated the dog has never been nasty to anyone in the past. No one saw the child lean down to touch the dog; perhaps that will remain a mystery forever?

The family has made special provisions now to ensure their dog's safety, and of course the safety of others. Although most people question why a four-year-old child was not under parental supervision at all times, especially near a chained dog, the Brown family now has a fenced yard, signs indicating to beware of their dog, and a huge pen for Stormy to live safely inside.

The Browns' have also been ordered to have Stormy spayed and to carry an insurance policy. Funds were raised through donations to help the family afford the changes.

The family paid a high price for Stormy's safety, but Claire Brown says it is time to just move on.

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