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Roses and Brass Knuckles: A Man's Pocket Guide to Winning the Marriage and Dating Game

Roses and Brass Knuckles: A Man's Pocket Guide to Winning the Marriage and Dating Game
Roses and Brass Knuckles: A Man's Pocket Guide to Winning the Marriage and Dating Game
Z and O Publishing

Roses and Brass Knuckles:

A Man’s Pocket Guide to Winning the Dating and Marriage Game

Rushia Brown, WNBA Veteran and author of PASSION Principles, says, “This book is a perfect combination of knowledge and comedy…every man in America needs this book”

ATLANTA – Roses and Brass Knuckles: A Man’s Pocket Guide to Winning the Dating and Marriage Game is an honest, insightful book to help men better themselves, and their households, as they face a new societal outlook on relationships. Authors Zachary Davis and Okeeba Brown present fifteen basic principles to help men succeed in dating and marriage.

Davis, married for almost a decade, and Brown, divorced and back on the dating scene with two daughters at home, realized they were onto something when they began dishing out daily advice to a friend in a troubled marriage heading for divorce. The series of weekly text messages to support their friend, including sayings like; “LOVE HER LIKE YOU LOVE YOUR MAMA, BUT REMEMBER THAT SHE AIN'T YOUR MAMA,” laid the framework for the book.

“Through my travels with the Navy, I dated women of many backgrounds and realized, although they were all different, they were actually all the same in regards to their expectations of relationships,” says Davis.

Roses and Brass Knuckles cover a range of pitfalls that a man can easily find himself in while dealing with the complications of love. The topics, written from a stand point that all men across cultures can relate to, were gathered from a lifetime of experience with women, spanning a myriad of concepts that will help today’s man master his relationship.

“Once I started writing about the do's and don'ts of marriage/dating I found a certain amount of healing and humor in the process,” says Brown. “It allowed for me to be creative in a different way. As a poet/painter/photographer/songwriter/performer, I was use to the creative process, but this was different. I found that I could help men master themselves and the dating game by offering my experiences.”

Roses and Brass Knuckles: A Man’s Pocket Guide to Winning the Dating and Marriage Game is available online at and Future releases include "Can't No Dog Worry This P*ssy Cat- A Woman's Guide To Getting A Good Man.....and Keeping Him.”

The Truth Will Set You Free

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with the authors and gauging their minds on how this 'black gold', as Okeeba put it, came about. We embarked on a journey of insight, both real and raw, and played a game of word association with topics that loom ever-so-present in the minds of women and men, young and old.  In the book, they discuss topics of sex, dating, marriage and love but with a barbershop-esque, humorous and witty approach which also carried over into our conversation.

In divulging a bit of information about myself, I have a bookshelf overflowing with books on self-help for both men and women, relationship guides and spiritual enlightenment but few ring as real, raw and engaging as Roses and Brass Knuckles.  In speaking with Okeeba and Zach, it was clear that Okeeba was the one who naturally repelled women who were about games and not serious about life and Zach, although married, would debate humorously with any woman questioning his zeal for love and life; while both shed light on serious matters, such as manhood and the lack of real father figures and leadership, becoming extinct (in a way) in the Black community. These are two guys I'd love to keep in my circle.  Let's proceed.


Okeeba and Zach stated their revelations came in their lives when they began to look at women in the sense of quality versus quantity. "Finding a good man or woman is like finding a grain of sugar in a pound of salt. I'm looking for a Grade A woman. Not everyone is cut out to be a good woman", as Okeeba bluntly put it.  Zach admittedly said, "Although I am happily married, I admit, I ran across maybe 4 or 5 really good women who really cared and were really down for me but of course you may not be ready for that when you're young minded."

Ignorance Is Bliss

I wondered after reading the book, if Zach and Okeeba could answer one haunting question: "How many men are really actually willing to admit their ignorance when it comes to women and dating?" Surprisingly, Okeeba and Zach revealed, "Some cats get it confused. They don't realize the value in being honest. Lying won't get you what you need anyway neither will playing games." I jot down some notes, for my own personal recollection, as they share more jewels. "Men aren't too open in admitting that they don't know some things about dealing with women or keeping a good woman. Even a married man won't admit this. And you have to think, in today's world, who really had a positive male, like an uncle or a father, around to show them the way."


Okeeba revealed that his mom was instrumental in showing him how to love a woman, while his dad taught him not to take any stuff off of a woman. He says, "Alot of women are conditioned to think Black men aren't (expletive)." That's a very true statement indeed, simply because, if you haven't been raised by the right woman/man, you could be subjected to a lot of negativity in regards to love, sex or marriage. The kind of negativity that's like romantic genocide.

Zach stated, "People don't think guys get hurt but we are taught to put up fronts, just look throughout history. A guy could date a girl and put up a front as if he doesn't care about her UNTIL she goes out with another guy and then he's hurt. Guys are really soft inside." I want to hug him for sharing this because I honestly didn't know this.

They both stated that if they had this book 10 years ago, "it would have been a totally different game." I wholeheartedly agree! So before I go and send a few anonymous copies to some men in need of 'black gold', I will leave you with Zach and Okeeba's responses to the word association game to four topics! Enjoy!


                                 Okeeba NOW: Business, Life Partner  vs. THEN: Whatever   


                                      Zach NOW: Optional, Selective  vs. THEN: Necessity 


                                              Okeeba NOW: Potential  vs. THEN: Conniving


                                    Zach NOW: Amazing, Necessity  vs. THEN: Weakness

                                    Okeeba NOW: Understanding   vs.  THEN: Dangerous


  • Phil Richards 5 years ago

    This is a nice write-up. I might need to get this book.

  • Kena L. 5 years ago

    Finally men telling the truth about how soft they are...inside, of course. LOL! Good job girl!

  • Veronica Reizner 5 years ago

    Love it , I have a couple of "Man friends" that can use this book.....I read the titles of the chapters, can't wait to get the book.

  • Okeeba Jubalo 5 years ago

    Thanks for the

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