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Rosenkrantz reveals exciting news

Great things are flowing for Bright Blue Gorilla
Great things are flowing for Bright Blue Gorilla
Courtesy of Robyn Rosenkrantz

Musicians and filmmakers Robyn Rosenkrantz and Michael Glover of Bright Blue Gorilla have exciting news to share about their Go with Le Flo film. Rosenkrantz excitedly relates the following informative update on more successes and an intriguing indie approach:

"How does a truly indie film make its way in the world? Here's how: A touring band takes the movie on the road from cinema to cinema, supported by VOD."

"Michael and I were talking the other day about how VOD is the new cinema for Independent filmmakers. In the old days, movies would stay in the cinemas for months so word of mouth could build naturally. Now, if you're an indie, you're lucky if you get a week run. In fact, most indie filmmakers have to rent the cinema themselves and pray for an audience. With a VOD release, the indie filmmaker has a chance for people to discover their film and tell their friends about it. If the movie has heart and a good story, word of mouth might give it a life."

"Our latest film is Go with Le Flo, a romantic comedy in German & French. We shot the film in Berlin, with an artist-collective of over 200 people from 20 different countries taking part. A real international labor of love. We're excited that Go with Le Flo has signed with Eurocinema, a company specializing in Foreign Films for the US market."

"Eurocinema discovered Go with Le Flo at a screening presented by the German Consulate at Goethe L.A., and decided on a 'day-and-date' release strategy. (Releasing in cinema and VOD at the same time.) It's an interesting way to release a film because everyone can see it at the same time, in cinema or at home, which can create a buzz. So far it's worked well for Go with Le Flo and you can now watch the film on cable TV or online all across the USA. Michael and I found out some even better news yesterday: While Eurocinema was in Cannes, they made arrangements for a worldwide release of Go with Le Flo on iTunes, Amazon, Google, Sony and Vudu. The initial Go with Le Flo release will start with 40 countries this August. We're supporting the release by hitting the road again (as Bright Blue Gorilla) and touring Europe for 3 months. We'll play concerts and screen Go with Le Flo at open air cinemas, art house cinemas, and music clubs. Pretty cool for two low-budget filmmakers & musicians! To help us get on the road, we've started a Film Fund. We've got some very special perks and we hope you'll become a Gorilla Angel. We love our Gorilla Angels!"

"You'll find our film fund here:
Watch Go with Le Flo at
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