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Roseau Electric Co-op Shills Coal Industry Propaganda Part 2

Burning coal = a bleak future
Burning coal = a bleak future
by Ken Korczak

It was long a common ploy of the cancer-causing tobacco industry to enlist the support of marginal scientists and fringe doctors to proclaim that the link between cancer and smoking was “unproven.”

In a similar fashion, the coal industry today is using its deep pockets to buy the support of a few fringe scientists, or those on the margins of the climate change issue, to cast doubt on the reality of man-made climate change driven by the fossil fuel industry.

In my last article, I pointed out that the Roseau Electric Cooperative choose to republish in its February newsletter a Wall Street Journal article which takes a page out of the cancer-tobacco industry. It lists“16 scientists” who support the false idea that carbon dioxide is a “harmless gas,” and does not cause climate change.

In Part 1, (which you can read here) I showed that most of the “WSJ 16” were not climate scientists at all, and that almost half of them are on the payroll of -- you guessed it -- the coal, gas and oil industry.

The few that do have credentials in this field have been widely condemned for the troublesome and error-filled information they have published.

The first signatory of the now infamous WSJ 16 is French scientist Claude Allegre who recently published a book about climate science that was so riddled with errors and false information, the American Academy of Sciences petitioned the French ministry Allerge once headed to disavow his work. Source

In his book, “The Climate Hoax,” Allegre was caught red handed passing along false information. He quoted scientific scientific papers to make his case against man-made global warming, but a review of those papers revealed that they said just the opposite of what Allegre claimed.

For example, Allegre wrote:

“A study published in the Journal of Science suggests that the increase in temperature in the northern Hemisphere from 1970 to 2000 may be due to the elimination of coaldust in the atmosphere, which facilitated the sunshine. Increased temperatures would therefore have nothing to do with CO2.”

However, this is what the Journal of Science article he specifically quoted actually said:

“Significant warming trends are observed in the Arctic. Human emissions of greenhouse gases over a long lifetime are certainly the main cause …” Source

Claude Allegre goes on to make so many critical errors in his book, his reputation has remained damaged beyond repair as a purveyor of junk science.

But disgraced scientists such as Claude Allegre were good enough for the Wall Street Journal, and now the Roseau Electric Cooperative. The remainder scientists who who signed off on the WSJ fossil fuel propaganda piece are:

J. Scott Armstrong -- A professor whose field is marketing. Armstrong has no credentials in climate science.

Jan Breslow -- A medical doctor who does genetic research and has no credentials in climate science work.

Michael Kelly -- A professor of technology with no credentials or work in climate science.

Burt Rutan -- An aerospace engineer who designes spacecraft but has never worked in climate science.

Nir Shaviv -- Not a climate scientist. He is an astrophysicist, and in a bizarre twist, although Mr. Shaviv signed the WSJ article, he actually favors cutting back in fossil fuel usage. Here is what Shaviv said in a “ScienceBits” article:

“ … there are a dozen good reasons why we should strive to burn less fossil fuels. The two primary reasons why fossil fuels are bad are, of course, pollution and depletion,while minor reasons include, for example, the fact that many fossil fuel reserves are controlled by unpleasant governments.” Source

Yes, like the “unpleasant government” of North Dakota -- which is suing Minnesota because our state would like to wean itself away from the dirty fossil fuels. (See my article here)

North Dakota is also systematically destroying some its most pristine parkland treasures in exhange for dirty oil money. (See my article here)

The final two scientists who signed the WSJ 16 article are:

Henk Tennekes -- A Dutch meteorologist who has not published a paper in climate science in almost 25 years, and has also argued against more powerful and better climate predicting equipment because he says it is “forbidden by the Bible.

Antonio Zichichi -- An Italian physicist who works in the field of nuclear physics, but has no background or work in climate science. Han Bethe, a German physicist who won the Nobel Prize, called Zichichi a “mediocre physicist.”

So I have taken great pains to point out that while the WSJ 16 are indeed scientists, almost none of them have ever worked in the climate science field. Furthermore, almost half of the WSJ 16 are on the payroll of the fossil fuel industry.

The management of the Roseau Electric Cooperative should apologize to co-op members for passing on this blatantly false information which amounts to little more than propaganda bankrolled by oil and coal billionaires who don’t care about you or me, the members of the co-op.

Rather, they are concerned about their own bank accounts and the easy profitability of burning dirty energy, including the heavy polluting lignite coal of North Dakota.


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