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Roseanne Tells It Like It Is: Marie Osmond's Son Died of Homophobia

Protestors come out of the woodwork when the LDS church begins to campaign to ban gay marriage.
Protestors come out of the woodwork when the LDS church begins to campaign to ban gay marriage.
Photo: Associated Press


  • Mikko 6 years ago

    Bravo, Carrie!

  • Christy 6 years ago

    I find Roseanne's comments disgusting. (1) Michael's closest friend (female) absolutely denied today that Michael was gay. She said she doesn't understand how he got dragged into a discussion of Mormonism and homosexuality.

    (2) EVEN IF HE WAS GAY, Roseanne has no right to attack Marie Osmond as she buries her son. She is a grieving, distraught Mom who hasn't been seen in public since Michael's death.

    (3) Marie's children and Michael's friends at college ALL say he was very close to his Mom. His closest friend told ET - "She loved him so much. She kept saying, 'Isn't he great?'"

    Roseanne is judgmental, rude and inappropriate. She's not telling it "like it is." She's telling it how she wants it to be to gain herself publicity.

  • Christy 6 years ago

    BTW, the saddest thing is Roseanne is attacking an ally. Marie's daughter is lesbian and has been out for a long time. Marie is very supportive and doesn't allow anyone to speak ill of her daughter. She defended her all over the media. There's no way Michael would be told he was "sick." It doesn't match the family's history. It's extremely unfair.

  • FlexSF 6 years ago

    Christy, do you have any links to your claims? You've made some bold statements. The least you could do is back them up, or provide some answers as to why Osmond's son killed himself.

    Rosanne is correct. The Mormon corporation is a disgusting entity, and it's foot soldiers are pathetic!

  • tauna 6 years ago

    I dont think anyone should blame the church. They are very loving and caring people who have helped me in time of need. Im an inactive mormon and they have paid rent, bought food and been there for me. NO Judgement!!! This boy had deep problems.

  • Christy 6 years ago

    To FlexSF:

    I made no bold statements. Just googled. Here is a link that is one of the top stories if you google Marie Osmond.

    I don't have a link to the ET interview where this girl is quoted about Marie. It may be searchable on utube. But here is another article that quotes his friends from google.

    The problem with "reporters" nowadays is so many don't do research. I'm impressed with the SF Headlines Examiner (first link) for actually bothering to ask Michael's friend about his sexuality.

    I don't know what other claims I made that would need to be backed up. I maintain that EVEN IF HE WAS GAY (although it appears he wasn't), attacking a grieving mother is inappropriate and rude.

  • Christy 6 years ago

    To FlexSF:

    BTW, how the heck would I - or ANYONE - know why Michael killed himself? Roseanne certainly doesn't know. Severe depression is a horrible illness. Sometimes there just isn't a rational explanation.

    SHould have mentioned, if you're wondering about a link re Marie's lesbian daughter, her name is Jessica. there are lots of articles. Check Perez Hilton for example. Perez loves Marie because of her defense of Jessica.

    I'm sorry that you single out one religion for your hatred. Actually, the Mormon stance on homosexuality is no different than most religions (I'm catholic). They're all archaic and wrong. But, that's why we can choose not to join them.

    I would say that we shouldn't discount the charity work done by religions, including Mormons, in general. There are quite a few redeeming qualities, if you're not too consumed by hate to see them.

  • Drgupta 6 years ago

    Remind me again who is being hateful here? "disgusting" "pathetic"? You must truly be filled with love. The Mormons don't teach hate for anyone including homosexuals. And tell me when people started paying attention to Rosanne Barr? Has she ever said/ done anything intelligible?Do your research lady. You sound uneducated and uninformed.

  • Tom D. 6 years ago

    One would think that Roseanne, being a mother herself, would be willing to let Marie and her family bury her son and grieve for a while before using his gravestone as a soapbox.

  • Claire 6 years ago

    According to Michael Blosil's roommates and friends, he was not gay. They reported that he had a good relationship with his Mother and that she visited with him often. Marie was proud of her son and supported him in his endeavors. It is very doubtful that Roseanne knew Michael and certainly not what troubled the young man. Many people commit suicide for a variety of reasons and speculation and blame is all that we have in Michael's death. My condolences to the Osmond/Blosil families.

  • Another Examiner 6 years ago

    Wow - keep your personal crap out of mainstream articles on the Examiner please. If Rosanne is your source of material you really need to consider finding more sources. She's about as polarizing as you can get, and 99% of what comes out of her mouth is crap.

    This article has as much credibility as John Edwards teaching about marital fidelity.

  • Stephanie 6 years ago

    No Rosanne did not tell it like it is AND since you are not a current news person she has recanted what she wrote because like the both of you........... here comes the news.... Maries' daughter is GAY... that right and guess who is ok with that.... MARIE......... Pick up your gay card and play it somewhere else you hypocrites... YOU ARE THE HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jamie 6 years ago

    Dont talk about things you dont understand!!!!!! Really did you talk to her son before he took his life....did he say it was the church, I doubt it I bet the church had brought him blessings and was there for him as they are for every member and non member of the church. I have never read anything so stupid, you dont have any of you facts straight, who gave this chick a job to write about something she did no research on!?!?

  • Christy 6 years ago

    Roseanne has retracted her comments and wholeheartedly apologized to Marie Osmond and her family. In fact, the whole incident has apparently been such a mess that she says she probably will stop blogging for a while.

    Roseanne confirmed that Michael was not gay.

    I hope she doesn't stop blogging and I hope Marie and her family forgive her (I'm sure they will).

  • Christy 6 years ago

    Carrie - now that Roseanne has retracted her comments, you should, too.

  • WakeWashington 6 years ago

    Carrie's refusal to acknowledge Mormon support of gay rights legislation shows she's a bigot herself and no one should take her seriously.

  • Daisie 6 years ago

    I don't care whether or not Roseanne retracted what she said. Damage done. There are too many people in this world anyways so if we get rid of the ones we don't need that's fine with me. Roaseanne is one of them. Good bye hasn't even been nice to have you on television. Your I spit on you as you spit on America at a baseball game. Marie is so classy she will forgive you, but I don't think she should. And I am so sick of people being against the Osmonds. What have they ever done to you.

  • Janey 6 years ago

    Why do you say "adopted" son. Why is he not simply her son? Speaking of prejudice and insensitivity .....

  • aj arizona 6 years ago

    Roseanne is nuts...

    She was raised in SLC by A Mormon Mother and a Jewish Father.
    She has a gay brother and a gay sister. (Who's fault is that Rosie?)

    She viciously accused her own parents of molesting her. Which her entire family denies. She bought into "false memory syndrome".

    Some of her so called abuses she recalled when she was supposedly 15 months old and mustard was involved.

    First of all, who remembers being 15 months old, and 2-Who knew what mustard was at 15 months old?

    At 16 she was literally admitted to the Utah State Hospital for her own mental problems.

    At East High School she was well known as the 9th South Slut. This is a disturbed women.

    As is typical of all Liberals, "It's always someone elses fault".

    Personal responsibility is suspended.

    The LDS position on homosexuality is the same as about 90% of the Worlds religions.

    The GBLT community has found their boogeyman scapegoat, and as a Latter Day Saints, we wear the badge with honor

  • lelectra 5 years ago

    You demonstrate Rosanne's point completely. You are a small petty mean person with no perspective of a world that lies outside your limited vision.

    You ask whose fault is it that her siblings are gay? Why should it be anybody's "fault." You show no logic nor understanding here. Certainly Rosanne did not claim homosexuality to be a fault. She is saying people LIKE YOU demonize these human beings, children of God as you would call them, to the point they take their lives.

    That is fact. What is not fact is that Rosanne was a slut. Where do you get that news flash? Some tabloid? Did you go to school with her?

    And if 90 per cent of the World's religions find homosexuality to be an irrevocable sin and some kind of character default, it only exposes those teachings as sham scams. For instance, lots of Christians preach this crud. I do not recall anywhere in the bible where Jesus said ANYTHING about homosexuality.

    LDS is proud to be bigots. Perfect. Proud when they should feel nothing but shame. You all have the blood of innocents on your hands.

  • bluto 6 years ago

    Ever notice how the Gays are always trying to take advantage of every situation that arises? Could there be a more narcisistic community in the World?

    They always paint people with their gayness, whether they are or not. They go deep into history and deem historical figures gay when they have no idea of it's truthfulness. All in an attempt to try to justify their perversions.

    The average lifespan of a homosexual male, is 44 years. Good luck selling that lifesyle as healthy and normal.

    Hey Roseanne, Mormons have their view of things and so do you.
    Last I checked, this is still America!

    But we already saw how you feel about her when you sang the National Anthem at the Padres game.

    Contrary to popular belief, the Gay community in SLC is not bothered or harrassed at all. Whatever floats your boat.

    No it's the Mormons who have had their church's set on fire.

    Your fascist attitude toward Religions, which don't agree with you, shows your lack of tolerance and bigotry.

  • Mary 6 years ago

    The same Rosanne Barr who several years ago publicly accused her parents of molesting her based upon some kind of "hypnotic regression therapy" only later to retract the charge? Half those people in Hollywood are on crack, and the other half are perverts.

  • Timothey L 6 years ago

    Bluto: Poppy has written before that she's not gay. She's in a committed relationship with a man. Roseanne is not gay either. So which gays are you saying are exploiting this story?

  • Dave 6 years ago

    Possibly the worst article I have ever read.

  • lelectra 5 years ago

    Boy did this piece pull the bigots and Mormon defenders (interchangebale terms) out of the closet. First of all, Rosanne did not "attack Marie," can't you guys read? She did rightly place blame on the Mormon church, arguably the worst offenders in a long list of religious fanatics who jam their opinions/beliefs down everybody else's throats--for the many suicides of our precious young people who have the unfortunate destiny to be born gay in an intolerant hateful society.

    And for you all to deny that the Mormon church has not vigorously denounced homosexuals as abnormal sinners and paid more for anti gay legislation than any other of the other religious organizations is sheer ignorance of the facts.

    It has been demonstrated that in the recent Proposition 8 fiasco where all the pious Christians got together and decided letting people marry of the same sex was the absolute biggest threat to our world was orchestrated and funded PRIMARILY by Mormons, most of who lived outside the state. Donations to the cause was 90 per cent Mormon money--and demanded from the true believers by a church leadership who claim to actually speak--that's right, they have regular conversation--with God. 2 per cent of the state is Mormon and 90 per cent of the money came from Mormons.

    I find Marie making the talk show rounds now to be disingenuous and totally classless. Grieving mother, my a#%. If she still belongs to that church, she is complicit.

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