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Roseanne Barr files for president

Roseanne Barr
Roseanne Barr
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Actress Roseanne Barr confirmed Sunday on her Twitter account she is running for the Green Party nomination for president of the United States.

Barr filed papers with the Federal Elections Commission to make her candidacy official. They are located on the FEC website in XML format. Attempts to open the documents resulted in messages there are problems with the files.

"The new world is the same as the old world," she wrote. "Alex Jones calls it New World Order - but it's always been this way, always. "The rich get richer. I am no longer going to divide people by race or by gender, as all that s--- is obsolete now anyway. Only by class - that's what really counts."

She is running to represent everyone who makes under $250,000 per year, she wrote.

"My platform: legalize marijuana," she wrote earlier this week. "End the narco-crime economy between Mexico & US. No more illegal alien marijuana - let's make it in the USA!

"I will be tough on crime and make sure everyone who stole retirement money, water rights and breathable air will be charged and arrested.

"When 53 percent of Congress and government is female (truly representational government), everything will change quickly and become better."

Her candidacy is "for real," she wrote. "I want to debate the lying Republicans and the do-nothing Democrats."

The Green Party nominee will be chosen at its national convention, July 12-15 in Baltimore.

There is no mention of Barr on the official Green Party USA website, as of Sunday night. Others mentioned as running for the nomination are Kent Mesplay of California, Jill Stein of Massachusetts and Harley Mikkelson of Michigan.

Barr, 59, is best known for her role as Roseanne Conner in the ABC television "Roseanne," from 1988-1997.

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