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Rose Tree Park: Quietly express yourself Valentine’s Day weekend

Valentine's imagery in nature
Valentine's imagery in nature
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Couples who enjoy nature’s quiet and serene might consider Rose Tree Park a refreshing alternative to the commercial suggestions for this romantic holiday. While there are no blooming roses to enjoy, Rose Tree presents intimate settings for your conversation and heartfelt expressive prose.

Create your romantic setting

What setting best suits your proposal or intimate conversation? A quiet well placed gazebo or park bench? Woodland- bordered knoll or acoustically tuned amphitheater? Rose Tree Park offers these and more options for your chance of uninterrupted communication. Just consider carefully the outcome should you select the amphitheater setting for any private disclosure you intend. Remember, this is the same setting used to deliver music in the summer to vast crowds. Perhaps strolling quietly at Rose Tree will allow the romantic to add their own creative touch to making this a special time. Compared to the typical alternatives, few can offer the same great probability of no cell phone, disturbing traffic, rowdy crowds or related disruptive noises. Weather permitted, you may consider creating your own romantic picnic of sorts with personally selected treats or simply some steaming hot chocolate to keep your Valentine warm and cozy.

The park is located close to many fine restaurants in nearby downtown Media and a diverse choice of local shops just off the main road. The area has many unique stores including exceptional hand-made candies, fine chocolates, and variety of gourmet take-out treats. Just don’t be fooled by the Rose Tree Tavern name, located on the corner. Since it was relocated a couple of hundred feet back in 2011, it now houses the Brandywine Conference and Visitors Bureau. There are plenty of modern taverns, close by, should you decide to warm up with local crowds after your peaceful time at Rose Tree.