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Rose’s only hope is an encounter with Christ

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Pete Rose has been cleared to manage baseball; according to a June 16 article in the Arizona Daily Star. Rose served as a guest manager for a minor league baseball game. Rose was cleared to serve as a manager the Bridgeport Bluefish.

Pete Rose, according to Wikipedia, has experienced major highs and lows that would rival the story of any other athlete. Rose retired from baseball with over 4,200 hits; a record that still stands. On August 24 1989, then Commissioner Bart Giamatti announced that Pete Rose was banned for life from baseball for betting on his team.

The Bible addresses the subject of sin from a number of angles. David, after an inappropriate relationship and what can best be described as a contract killing; stated that his sin was only against God. Peter was told by Jesus that he was to forgive his brother thousands of time each day. Finally, the Bible says that our sin, once forgiven, would be far removed and forgotten.

One Christian and baseball fan viewed Rose’s story as “cruel and unfair.” “The Bible speaks to those who are sinless being the first to throw stones. Baseball has survived scandal, drug abuse, doctored baseballs and steroids. The decision to keep Rose out is wrong. If Christ can forgive Rose; then surely baseball can.”

Rose was allowed to manage the team because the team is not affiliated with any major league teams.

Forgiveness requires only confession and repentance. What else does Pete Rose have to do to be forgiven? Should Rose be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

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Source: Arizona Daily Star