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Rose Parade 2015: What will the theme of the 126th parade be?

Will the theme of the 2015 Rose Parade have something to do with heroes? Guess!
Will the theme of the 2015 Rose Parade have something to do with heroes? Guess!
Ramona Monteros

Guessing game time again! What will the theme of the 126th Rose Parade be? The president of the Tournament of Roses will be Richard L. Chinen, who will announce the theme at his installation on Jan. 16, 2014.

Last May, at a beautification event with Miracle Gro at Brenner Park in Pasadena, he told us, “We want to give back. The Tournament of Roses was founded to bring the community to the world.” This may give some insight into what he views as an important statement to make with his theme.

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Chinen will be the first Asian-American president—indeed, the first non-white president—and that may or may not play into his choice of a theme. He has twin daughters, one of whom, Megan, was Rose Queen in 2004. The theme that year was “Music Music Music.”

Themes for the past decade were “Dreams Come True” 2014; “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” 2013; “Just Imagine…” 2012; “Building Dreams, Friendships & Memories” 2011; “A Cut Above the Rest” 2010; “Hats Off to Entertainment” 2009; “Passport to the World’s Celebrations” 2008; “Our Good Nature” 2007; “It’s Magical” 2006; “Celebrate Family” 2005.

Hints from soon-to-be president Chinen

Tournament of Roses presidents drop hints to float designers before the announcement, because creative process begins before the theme is announced. Here’s what he sent to the builders last fall:

We have selected a theme that allows us to reflect on and appreciate the many people around us who elevate the human spirit by who they are, what they have done and what they continue to do.

It pays tribute to those who have loved unconditionally, persevered courageously, endured patiently and accomplished significantly on behalf of others.

They may be “heroes” or “stars” to some, but they don't seek such titles. They may be kind, resilient, free-spirited or intensely focused, and though different from one another, they all give us life because they have overcome obstacles, achieved the unthinkable, given immeasurably, or sacrificed unselfishly.

Whether for justice, for charity, or for any other good, they do so humbly and with resolve. It is the tale of their journey that enriches our lives regardless of the fulfillment of the purpose.

Throughout the year, I am confident that we will collect a myriad of accounts befitting the theme. We will see them in action through visiting thousands of band members and hear of them from sponsors like yourselves, as well as from our broadcast partners, Tournament members and the general public. Whether the accounts are about individuals, communities, businesses or even animals, you can trust that when you hear or see the theme in action throughout the year and on New Year’s Day, you will laugh, you will cry, you will be lifted up and thankful for the opportunity to make a connection with life as we know it at its best in looking forward to the new year.

Sounds to us like the theme will be “Up with Moms!” But that’s just our guess. And maybe we’re better at this than we think. Check out the picture chosen for last year’s article.

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