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Rose McGowan rushes to the aid of 'knockout game' victim

McGowan tweets about her recent encounter with a "knockout game" victim.
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Architectural Digest

Rose McGowan took to Twitter on January 2 to tell how she witnessed a man getting punched as part of the epidemic "knockout game." The "Charmed" star was horrified as she witnessed a 65-year old man get punched by a masked kid on a skateboard.

I just witnessed a 65 year old man get punched by an evil guy playing that g*dd*mn knockout game. #criminal #heartbroken #whattheF?!

This all happened while McGowan was out and about in Venice on Thursday. According to her account, she tried to chase down the skateboarding creep but he got away too fast. Instead she called an ambulance for the victim who was bleeding from his ear.

The knockout game is an incredibly violent and illegal "game" in which teenagers and young adults run up and punch someone so hard that they try to knock them out. Many times they take video of themselves and others committing the horrible act. Thankfully though, such videos have come to the aid of law enforcement and have helped put many of these criminals behind bars.

Late in 2013 and now spilling into 2014, it seems as if these young offenders are targeting older victims. Certainly this is to ensure the victim is not able to retaliate. Law enforcement is taking this "game" very seriously and those caught offending will be harshly punished.

Thank goodness in the case of this latest victim that Rose McGowan was there to come to his aid. Hopefully the trend to participate in this cowardly game will die out very soon.

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