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Rosberg and Schumacher reveal cars are "fully upgraded" for Turkey


Schumacher and Rosberg in Monaco. Photo courtesy of Mercedes GP Petronas

Mercedes GP Petronas drivers, Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher, revealed today that they are enthusiastically looking forward to the Grand Prix in Turkey next weekend and that their cars are fully upgraded for the event.

"Istanbul Park is a great circuit and one of the best of the newer tracks that we visit." said Rosberg who is eager to improve the results from his last two outings. "From a drivers' point of view, the layout provides some good opportunities for overtaking with a very wide track, lots of late braking zones and gradient changes. Turn Eight is the corner that everyone talks about. The triple apex is probably one of the longest corners that we drive and it has very high G levels. It's great fun to drive and you can make up a lot of time there if you get it just right.

(Nico Rosberg in Monaco last week. Photo courtesy of Mercedes GP Petronas)

I've had some decent results at Istanbul Park and we will be working very hard to get back on form after two disappointing races in Spain and Monaco where we didn't make the full use of our potential. We'll be back to our fully upgraded car, plus some more new developments that the team have been working on, so there will be a lot to achieve in the practice sessions and I believe that we can have a good weekend."

Michael Schumacher echoed Rosberg's thoughts about the Istanbul circuit and will be hoping to have much better luck than Monaco where a penalty cost him what would have been his best finish of the season. "The Turkish fans have always been very kind to me therefore it will be a pleasure to be racing at Istanbul Park again in front of a crowd which will hopefully support us enthusiastically. From our side, we will obviously try to give them something to cheer about and we hope that we can make further progress in Turkey, after we have already seen some improvements in Barcelona and Monaco." said the seven-time World Champion.

(Schumacher during last weekend's Monaco Grand Prix event still enjoys huge support from F.1 fans. Photo courtesy of Mercedes GP Petronas)

"The Istanbul Park track is a special one. It's anti-clockwise, a bit hilly and with a lot of different corner layouts so it's quite nice to drive. I am definitely looking forward to the weekend, especially as our guys back at the factory have worked immensely hard recently to provide us again with an upgraded car. It is clear that we want their efforts to pay off."

Schumacher was third at the Istanbul circuit in 2006, beaten by his then team-mate, Felipe Massa, who has struggled a little this year. Nico Rosberg was fifth last year and with a more competitive car than his Williams from last year will also be eager to push himself for better points opportunities.

Friday's free practice next week will provide a little data gathering chance and allow us to speculate on the possible improvements any of the teams have made, including the package Mercedes GP have indicated they have. In a sport where tenths and hundredths of a second make a difference, any improvements to the outright pace of the Mercedes car is going to be beneficial for both drivers.

Ross Brawn has expressed frustration at the team's Monaco results today already. Hopefully Turkey will provide him and the team happier hunting grounds.

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