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Rosè of Cabernet Sauvignon

This bottle of Mulderbosch didn’t stay full for long.  So it looks much more natural in the “pour” position.
This bottle of Mulderbosch didn’t stay full for long. So it looks much more natural in the “pour” position.
T. Peiffer

Dry Rosè wines have been undergoing quite a few changes in recent years, especially in the producing areas of the “New World” (just about everywhere outside Europe). And just because of its very southerly location, one of the often overlooked of these grape cultivators is South Africa.

However, that’s not stopping them. They are rapidly becoming known for their creative blending variations. Boasting the perfect climate for nicely-controlled grape cultivation, South Africa has continued their experimentation and characteristic departure from the norm. So it comes as no surprise that a S.A. vintner has perfected a very affordable Cab Rosè.

Applying the unique nuances of the Cabernet Sauvignon grape, the Mulderbosch Rosè comes across with many notes that are simply enjoyable and fascinating, especially out on the patio. So, as summer gets closer, dry Rosè wines start looking that much better.

One of the best things about this wine is its bouquet. It’s just so strawberries and cream. Even with them using the Cabernet varietal, there are only slight hints of the standard ripe cherries and plum. It also follows through on the palate with a nice soft mellow strawberry and raspberry, not too tart and not too ripe. Plus, the wonderful pinkish hue makes it the perfect wine to have with friends. Not to worry, it will get favorably noticed!

Have it with cheeseburgers with plenty of mushrooms. Also, it’s an excellent picnic take-along and a great partner for all those playoff games.

You can pick it up at Phoenix area Total Wine outlets for $7.99, a reasonable fare considering the quality. Nice, and at entry-level pricing, you really can’t lose; especially if you’re planning a barbeque dinner party.

Serve it after an hour in the fridge (45-50 degrees). This is an especially good idea if you plan to take it outside to drink. Let it start out really cold and free the flavors to open up as it warms. Or, just keep it on ice and enjoy totally chilled.

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