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Rory McIlroy reunited with lost golf clubs: To play for Ireland in 2016 Olympics

Cory McIlroy reunited with his lost clubs and he reveals his decision on what country he will play for in the 2016 Olympics, Ireland.
Cory McIlory/ Twitter

Rory McIlroy was not a happy camper when he landed in Ireland and his golf clubs didn't. The pro golfer's clubs were missing and the airline let him know that they are working hard to find them, according to USA Today on June 17.

It seems as if McIlroy has been wrestling with the decision of what team to play for at the 2016 Olympics. He made an announcement while in Ireland that he decided to play for Ireland and not Britain at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, according to BBC News today.

Those missing golf clubs helped McIlroy win $3.2 million on the pro golf tour this year. It's bad enough when you are left without your tooth brush and clothes when an airline loses your bag.

Can you image the stress McIlroy was going through after losing the tools of the trade that helped make him the millionaire he is today? McIlroy kept his fans informed via tweets saying "Sort of need them this week.....Can someone help?"

The pro golfer shared his tweet from United saying that they know how important the clubs are to him. They also gave him directions for getting his bag reference ID to the airline.

Finally the last tweet from United was to say that they had good news. His clubs will be delivered to him at the tournament on Wednesday. On Wednesday, McIlory posted the above picture on Twitter. He is reunited with his lost clubs, according to SB Nation today.

It seems that while McIlroy was stressing over his lost clubs he apparently made the decision to play for Ireland's team in lieu of the U.K. team at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

The 25-year-old golfer had thought at one point that he wouldn't play in the Olympics at all so he wouldn't offend one country or the other. He has been wrestling with this decision for some time, reports the BBC News.

When making his announcement he said that his decision to play for Ireland in the Olympics is a decision he is "100% comfortable with." He also hopes that people respect his decision. His decision was revealed on the eve of the Irish Open, where the pro golfer arrived without his clubs.

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