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Rorschach gets sinister


The dangerously diabolical Sinestro

Power up your lantern rings people there’s a new rumor in town. According to Ain’t It Cool News and Superherohype the nefarious Green Lantern villain Sinestro, will be played by none other than Hollywood’s new behind the mask guy Jackie Earle Haley.
After his engagingly dark turn as sociopath hero Rorschach in The Watchmen and succeeding Robert England as the dream killer Freddy Krueger in the re-imagining of A Nightmare on Elm Streetit would only make sense for Haley to play one of the universe’s most diabolical villains.
According to an article at IGN Haley was approached about his involvement with the project and he clarified that the casting is simply a rumor at this point. He went on to say that if he were offered the part he would have no qualms accepting but no offers have been made. I personally think that DC would be crazy not to snatch Haley up. He was the strongest part of The Watchmen and the sound of his voice as Krueger sends chills down the spine. Haley’s ability to portray dark and sinister characters would be the perfect mix with Ryan Reynolds’ sarcastic portrayal of Hal Jordan. Hopefully there will be some good news coming really soon.