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Roper pleads not guilty in Tracy Morgan crash

Roper's court appearance
Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Tracy Morgan, the former star of “30 Rock” and “Saturday Night Live”, is reportedly in critical condition from his accident related injuries. Roper, the Walmart truck driver who slammed into the vehicle carrying Tracy Morgan entered into a plea of not guilty.

Roper was released from jail the same night he posted bond. Roper appeared in court for an arraignment after being charged with vehicular assault and vehicular homicide. Roper allegedly went 24 hours without sleep at the time of the crash. Morgan was critically injured in the crash while James McNair was tragically killed. CNN reports that Roper was awake for over 24 hours and was not aware that the traffic was coming to a stop in front of him.

Roper made an attempt to swerve away from the vehicles, but he struck the limo bus that was carrying Morgan. The NTSB is investigating the matter and plans to obtain information about Roper’s activities leading up to the crash and other records such fuel receipts. Under Federal Law, drivers cannot work more than 14 hours per shift. The New Jersey law states that if it’s proven that Roper was going more than 24 hours without sleep, he can possibly be convicted.

In a report on TMZ, Roper believes that he’s only being targeted because the accident involved a celebrity.



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