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Roots/Folk artist Beth Moore with "The Road"

Beth Moore "The Road"
Beth Moore "The Road"
Ashley Tredenick

With roots in Niagara Falls, roots/folk singer/songwriter Beth Moore music has many similarities with raging free waters of the Falls. Her vocals are free, a force nature with a contrasts of tender to the frenetic. Within the open spaces of this environment, you have a great mix of influences for this emerging roots influenced folk music artist. Beth celebrates her debut album “The Road” release at Mitzi’s Sister on January 26th, 2011

In the past 5 years, Beth has been fine-tuning her craft through writing, performing, and experiencing the life of a solo artist. With her sound catching on with her local scene, Beth decided to leave Niagara Falls for big lights of Toronto. She’s performed over 200 shows across Toronto’s and other cities developing her emerging folk style that’s like a lyrical heartland that’s wise beyond her years.

"I write about what I know, and I do it as honestly as I know how," says Beth. Her music is being noticed by folk fans and reviewers alike, garnering her critical praise.

As well, in late 2010, Beth Moore was invited to work on a a U.S. based documentary film called, “A Second Knock At The Door” by 5414 Productions. Her music is featured throughout the documentary that is set to open in Spring/Summer 2011. From a promotional clips found on YouTube, you can tell that her music is well suited to this moving piece.

Her debut LP ‘The Road’ is released on January 26th, 2011. Listening to the songs on the album, it’s clear her singing show a developing a rich layered sound within her voice. Her vocals have a bluesy heartfelt feel that charms with mature reflective lyrics. Beth also shows a sensitive side adding depth to the lyrics of her songs: Love Now, So Far So Good, etc. A highlight is the punchy rockabilly/folk song ,“Red and Blue”.

For a singer/songwriter, Beth has emotive vocals with a high IQ, depth and range. Her music brings a “sweet and sour" aesthetic, yet it’s never bland. Indie labels need to take a good look at her because she her sound is reminiscent to early Sarah Harmer, Jen Grant, etc. So if you want to see Beth Moore perform, come check out her album release at Mitzi’s Sister on the 26th. I mean c’mon…what else are you going to do on a Wednesday night?

A Second Knock At The Door (Promo)

Awards: Nominated in 2009, 2010 for over 4 Niagara Music Awards & 2 Toronto Independant Music Award; claimed the title of NMA 2010 Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year; nominated for 2 Toronto Independant Music Awards in 2010 for best song for 'the road' and best folk artist; collaborated with Jason Lupish to make two Music videos for her songs ‘ The Road ‘ and ‘So Far So Good’.


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