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Root touchup products help you hide your roots

Take your roots into your own hands in between visits to the pros.
Take your roots into your own hands in between visits to the pros.
Photo by John Parra

Covering grays can get pricey fairly quickly. Both result in unsightly roots that require touch ups every 6-8 weeks. For people who have neither the time nor the money to keep up with costly root touch ups, there are many new products hitting the market to help cover those roots in between colorings. From hair mascara to dry shampoo, root touch up products can help you keep your roots at bay.

In between washes, tinted dry shampoos offer volume and manageability while also touching up the roots. In addition to tinting your hair, these products absorb oil and lift roots. While some formulas simply come in dark and light formulas, others offer more variation. Alterna Stylist 2 Minute Root Touch Up comes in four shades, and at $24, it's more affordable than consistent root touch ups.

Hair mascara is an everyday product that disguises roots until you wash it out. It is applied with a mascara wand to tint exposed gray strands. This product is quick and easy, so it's good for fast touch ups. However, it tends to be sticky, so it isn't a long term fix. Root concealer comes in a spray and tints the hair. This product is also easy to apply, and offers excellent coverage if you choose the right formula. Try Rita Hazan Root Concealer from Sephora. Its water resistant formula stays natural looking until you wash it out.

Roots don't have to be the bane of your existence. With coverage and concealing products, you can touch them up before you leave the house - without resorting to a hat.