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Root Chakra Meditation

Root Chakra
Root Chakra
Angus Macdonell

When the chakras are balanced, there is good energy flow from the root to the brow as well as from the root to the earth and back. When imbalanced, the energy flow is blocked and you feel disconnected from life. If you feel you need “grounding,” doing the root chakra meditation every day for a week is great therapy.

Signs of balance include – feelings of strength and security, healthy relationships, active, rewarding and positive lives

Signs of imbalance include – feelings of negativity like doubt, worry, fear of the future, trouble with relationships, financial issues, fatigue, eating disorders, body-related health issues, resistance to change.

The Meditation:

Sit upright, preferably with your spine straight and your feet on the floor. Take 10 – 20 breaths deep into the belly, then breathe normally. Focus your attention on the root chakra symbol, taking in the four petals of the lotus and the colour red. As you do, repeat silently to yourself the Sanskrit mantra, pronounced LAM, located in the center of the chakra symbol; this represents the root chakra. You can also imagine the chakra as a spinning, sideways sphere of energy near the base of your spine, with the lotus petals turning clockwise. You can imagine the chakra positioned sidelong in the body (facing your right or left) or front to back.

Do this for 20 minutes daily. When you have memorized the image, you can sit for 30 minutes.

Red Colour Energy

One of the simplest ways to support the root chakra is to use colour energy. By ingesting, wearing, bathing in or otherwise focusing on the chakra colour, you can enhance your awareness of its energy and help lessen feelings of being scattered or stuck in your thoughts..

Red foods include: raspberries, strawberries, watermelon, peppers, tomatoes, beets, cranberry juice, red meats, red onions, radishes, any red-skinned fruit or vegetable, cayenne pepper, etc.

Wear red clothing or jewellery (rubies).

Take a bath using red bath crystals or liquid.

Visualize the colour red while meditating.


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