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Root canal therapy for felines

So glad you saved that tooth for me
Karla Kirby

It is not unusual for a cat to have a broken tooth and though cats don’t often show pain; that broken tooth may be causing very much suffering in your uncomplaining kitty. A simple, common procedure can take the pain away. Surprisingly, many cat owners don’t even know this procedure exists.

Cats usually fracture teeth as a result of falls or jumping down from higher locations to hard surfaces below. The upper canine teeth are more odds-on to become fractured in cats. Fractured cat teeth as a consequence of trauma can frequently be saved. Root canal therapy is the best choice for saving fractured cat teeth.

Root canal therapy is an endodontic process. It is the treatment for the internal aspect of the cat's tooth called the root canal.

An initial Endodontic file is used to evaluate the root canal. These files are used to remove the infected pulp. Irrigants are used to cleanse and to disinfect the root canal system.

The root canal therapy encompasses filling the decontaminated root canal system with materials that aren’t beneficial to bacterial infection.

It is so worth having this procedure done. Your cat will no longer have to suffer the pain a fractured tooth brings, but will be able to keep that important tooth. He/she will eat better feel so better and be a much more contented, happy kitty.
If your cat has a fractured tooth, seems to be favoring on side of his/her mouth while eating, talk to your veterinarian today. The sooner the problem is handled, the better

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