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Room for Two

Early bonds
Early bonds

Most moms will agree that decorating a nursery for a baby is probably the most fun thing you'll do as you prepare for the birth of your newborn. Today there are so many themes, ideas, and designs to choose from that it is fairly easy to find something to suit your taste and budget.

The difference between preparing for a singleton's homecoming and preparing for twins, or triplets is that everything from the furniture, bedding, supplies, and budget is multiplied by two or even more! This is when creativity can be the difference between a nursery that looks thrown together and one that looks like it was designed by a pro.

When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I immediately began to plan the nursery and since the room was not extremely large and I only had one baby bed from my first child, I knew I had to think outside of the box.

Here are TEN things I found extremely helpful:

1. Find a friend who has a baby bed in the same wood and stain as your existing baby bed, changing table, etc. and does not mind loaning to you for at least two to three years. (If you do not have a baby bed, buy the color you like and then see if you can find a matching one.)

2. Position the beds in an L-shape against the walls that leave the middle of the room open and will give a more spacious feel.

3. Know the gender of your babies before purchasing bedding, curtains, and accessories. If one or both babies are turned in such a way that you can not know for sure until delivery day, make sure to keep all receipts in case you want to make an exchange.

4. Choose colors that compliment one another but can also work for either a boy's nursery or a girl's nursery. Some ideas are green/pink, blue/yellow, or all neutral tones.

5. Paint the room in a neutral tone that any color scheme you choose will look well together.

6. Even though you may decide to set up two beds ready to use the day your twins come home, remember they will be small enough to sleep in the same bed until they are big enough to roll over and move around. Twins seem more content being close together the first few months.

7. Let your friends help by throwing another baby shower even if you've already had your first baby. Everyone will understand that you'll need two highchairs, two swings, two car seats, lots of onesies, more diapers than you can imagine, and a tandem stroller. (You get the idea.....)

8. Ask around to see if anyone knows of someone who has a set of older twins (preferably same gender as yours) that may be willing to give or sell you gently used items, furniture, and clothing. You will be amazed how generous moms are and how much we love to help one another.

9. Leave room for a big, comfy rocking chair for those late night feedings while cradling two little ones. Most likely you will want to try to keep your twins on the same feeding schedule. Otherwise, you could be up all night.

10. Place a lamp and store items like burp cloths, receiving blankets, books, and pacifiers on a small shelf close to the chair you'll use in the nursery. The hardest thing to do once you've sat down to rock your babies back to sleep is have to get back up without disturbing them.

And finally, do not be afraid to ask for and accept help from friends and family. The most generous gift I received was two weeks worth of dinners brought to our home each night by members of our church. Not only did we get homecooked meals, but a chance to rest while someone else rocked and held the girls.


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