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'Rookie Blue' 'Wanting' recap: More than just rookie mistakes

'Rookie Blue' season 5 episode 4 "Wanting"
'Rookie Blue' season 5 episode 4 "Wanting"
ABC/Ken Woroner, used with permission

The Thursday, July 3 episode of "Rookie Blue," 504, "Wanting," sees 15 Division trying to stop a gang war from breaking out. Meanwhile, Duncan just gets worse and Nick is put in an awkward position by Chloe.

Let's get the good, light-hearted stuff from this "Rookie Blue" episode out of the way first. Chloe may be back at work, but she's on desk duty, and more importantly, Dov hasn't touched her since she was shot – and she has needs. As she explains to poor Nick, who gets caught in the middle, she's very itchy, and so it's up to him to find out what's going on in Dov's head. Nick tries to do so subtly, but fails so hard. In the end, he just gives it to both of them straight, helps them get past their concerns, and leaves them to get a room. Nick is such a great guy, isn't he? Now if only he could have some luck in his own life, especially considering what happened with Andy and in the last episode.

Then there's Sam and Andy's relationship, and while they insist they're "friends," they seem to be friends in the sense of "here's the line of friendship, we have one foot and eight toes over that line," and not because of the kiss. It's the way they are around each other and what we've seen since Sam was shot. They're one stumble away from something more happening, especially as Andy deals with her problems with Duncan. That said, this slow and steady, "let's take time" path they're taking could end up being the best thing they've ever done. Just because they're so close to being unable to say they're "friends" doesn't mean that they're there quite yet – and that's smart, because the last thing that needs to happen there is a repeat of the past.

Now let's get into the biggest part of the episode. Andy is so determined to believe in people that instead of voicing her concerns about Duncan to Oliver, she tries to give her rookie some slack, and it backfires in a big way. "Ugh, Duncan" is probably a good way to describe every part of the episode involving him. They respond to call about a man shot in a stairwell, and Duncan does everything wrong, starting with standing by and letting their guy kick another guy in the station, moving to driving and getting a kid a drink and finally having his partner's back.

After the kid admits he saw who shot his father and that he texted his friend about it, the killer shows up at his house, and when Andy calls for backup, Duncan freezes and then turns off his radio. Fortunately, Nick and Dov arrive on scene as backup and no one is injured, but to make it worse, Duncan tries to use faulty batteries or a horrible sense of direction or choking on peanuts or some other stupid excuse that excuses absolutely nothing. (Anyone else think it couldn't get any worse when Duncan opens his mouth only to find that yeah, it can?) Some people just don't have what it takes for this job, and not only is Duncan going to be suspended, they're probably going to take his badge as well.

Here's the problem: Duncan's stepfather is the commissioner. There's no way that's just a throwaway, and it's likely just going to mean more problems for 15 Division. If Duncan had been semi-competent, sure, they could probably find a way to deal with it, but they can't have someone out there supposedly watching his partner's back if he's not going to get out of the car – or if he doesn't even realize the cue to go get someone something to drink. Yes, he's a rookie, but some of the mistakes he's making have nothing to do with that. He's too arrogant, and while he may say otherwise, we can't help but wonder if it's because he's relying on his stepfather being the commissioner to keep him out of trouble.

Elsewhere, Gail finds a second victim bleeding out in the laundry room of the apartment building, and the only name they have to go on for her is Sophie. When she ends up dying in the hospital, Gail becomes determined to figure out who she was and goes back to the building to find her keys. That's when her young daughter walks in looking for her mother. Her name is Sophie. Gail may try to come off at this Ice Queen and she has some of the best lines on the show, but there's something very special about when she shows emotion.

Last, but in no way least, Chris is on drugs?! Chris, Chris, Chris. What are you doing? Sure, he's been through a lot, but there has to be more to this than meets the eye, right? How long has this been going on? It's long enough for him to have a "same as the last time," but how many "last times" have there been?

"Rookie Blue" season 5 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC. What did you think of episode 3 "Wanting"?

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