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'Rookie Blue' season 5 finale recap: Blowing it apart

'Rookie Blue' season 5 finale
'Rookie Blue' season 5 finale
ABC/Ken Woroner, used with permission

The Thursday, Aug. 21 episodes of "Rookie Blue" bring season 5 to an end on ABC with "Fragments" and "Everlasting." It ends with more than one bomb(shell) – one that takes out the evidence room and others that could mean trouble for relationships. Plus, it sounds like 15 Division could have its hands full looking into police corruption.

"Kill a man, he dies once. Kill his children, he dies everyday."

First of all, the "Rookie Blue" officers have their work cut out for them when a bomb in a car in a parking garage puts one woman in the hospital, and it's only the first. The woman is the daughter of the head of the Irish mob, and the second bomb is in the car of the mobster's second-in-command and kills one and injures six more. That's just the beginning, and when Duncan investigates a tip on his own, another big mistake by the rookie officer who really doesn't belong there, he ends up sitting on top of a bomb himself. It's only thanks to Nick's quick thinking that they both make it out of there alive.

Even though 15 now knows the identity of the bomber – Ted McDonald, the man that got into it with them at the apartment complex – and is able to stop another bomb from going off, bringing him in doesn't end the terror. What it does give us are chilling interrogation scenes with Sam and Ted, and Shawn Doyle is so scary good as Ted, we just want to see more. The only problem? Ted talks about police corruption, linking the police force to the Irish mob, and claims that he has evidence on his hard drives. When Andy goes to get those hard drives from evidence, a bomb goes off. She somehow escapes in one piece and not even needing a trip to the hospital, but when Sam returns to the interrogation room, Ted's wrists are cut and there's a razor blade next to him. Chris insists he searched him when he was booked and is willing to take responsibility, but with talk of police corruption and the police commissioner hanging around, there has to be something else going on.

Meanwhile, because of the case, Dov needs to go over everyone's body-camera footage of the day at the apartment complex and he notices some of Chloe's is deleted. Fortunately for him – but not for her – he knows a guy and that can easily be fixed. When she finds out, she tells him what happened, but it's too late. Dov has had it with all the lies and secrecy, and even though she tries to win him back with a gorgeous red dress, he tells her "nothing" will change anything. Marlo suggests giving her a chance if he loves her, but he doesn’t trust her. Is that the end of Chloe and Dov?

Elsewhere, Duncan tries to bond with Nick over their Andy unresolved issues, but Nick's not having it and instead continues to show why he's a rookie we're glad stuck around (unlike Duncan, who may have gained a point or two with his conversation with Andy over the radio, but is still not someone we want to see in 15 Division again). Andy realizes that he lied to her about having experience with bombs to get her out of the garage (and he told her he'd be worried about her), and when she makes sure they're good, he checks that she's happy. If she is, then they're good. Poor Nick.

Or maybe not? He bumps into the woman who paid for those toothbrushes into the convenience store again, but even after a bit of flirting, he only gets her name the third time he sees her – after tracking her down thanks to stickers on her bike. Nick and Julia seem to be hitting it off, but the kissing comes to an end when she finds out he's a cop and she's out of there. What's Julia's secret?

Traci and Steve are still on the outs, and he tells her he misses her, but could he have competition? Bailey certainly makes a point of seeking her out multiple times to twist around her fairytale childhood. Fairytales are pretty messed up, he explains, suggesting that she "go for something real."

One couple that seems to be working out when the finale begins is Gail and Holly, who makes up an excuse to see Gail and tell her she misses her, and they duck into an observation room to kiss and make plans. However, when they meet up again when it's all over, they both have news: Gail is planning to adopt Sophie and Holly accepted a job in San Francisco and wants Gail to come with her. Can Gail get everything she wants?

Finally, the first part begins with Andy and Sam still in the honeymoon phase, and because they're happy, she doesn't want to ruin it by taking the key he offers her. "That's the key to my heart," he tells her. "It also happens to open the front door." Nope, she's a stallion and she doesn't want to do his laundry and feed his cat. "Things are really great with us right now. I don't want to screw it up," Andy later explains to Chloe, who thinks she's being stupid. "You always take the key," she advises her, and she may be right because a bombshell might be coming their way. Marlo is back in their lives, but it may turn out to not just be to help with the case because at the end of the finale, Dov finds an ultrasound on her desk. It has to be Sam's, right? Why else would that end the finale?

What did you think of the "Rookie Blue" season 5 finale on ABC?

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