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'Rookie Blue' 'Going Under' recap: Drugs, lies and strange behavior

'Rookie Blue' season 5 episode 5 "Going Under"
'Rookie Blue' season 5 episode 5 "Going Under"
ABC/Ken Woroner, used with permission

What is going on with Chris?! That's the big question in the Thursday, July 10 episode of "Rookie Blue," 505, "Going Under," and it's such a big part and such a mystery that nothing else really matters. Who cares about a missing teacher when Chris is acting so strange?

"It wasn't supposed to end this way," Andy says upon finding a missing teacher's body in a car trunk. Please don't let those words be foreshadowing anything regarding what's going on with Chris. Please. This "Rookie Blue" episode begins with Dov noticing that Chris looks like "something the cat dug up" (or "the best customer" look, as his dealer, Jamie, tells him) and while the saying may be wrong, he is right. Chris looks terrible, but his lies in this episode are much, much worse. He blames night shifts and wonders about a normal 9-5 job that would give them time for real lives. Dov know something's up with his friend, and it only gets worse when Chris goes off on a frat guy when they separate a fight over one dating another's sister. That disturbance leads to the big case of the week, and everything just goes down hill from there.

One of the frat guys had a gun, and 15 Division is now going after the gun supplier at a local bar. Chris is set up to do the buy, Dov is there as his cover and Nick is their eyes at the bar, with Steve and Traci watching and listening from back at the station (and providing some very entertaining commentary on Nick's night with the bartender). There are several hiccups with the operation, not the least of which is Chris' dealer recognizing him and trying to get the money he owes him, but in the end, the arrests are made and it's still a complete mess.

Still, it's hard to really care about the operation's success when Chris is acting so strange. Jamie confronts him in the bathroom while he's making the drop for the operation, and Chris turns off his phone so the others can't listen. Jamie wants his money and threatens Chris with darkness and dental equipment, but it just gets worse when Jamie shows up in the alley where Chris should be getting the gun as part of the op. Chris ends up arresting him for possession, leading to Jamie finding out he's a cop – and that's something he's planning on using.

Chris then has to think fast, with Jamie threatening to give him up to make a deal, and nothing he says to Steve, Traci or Dov is of any help. So instead, he switches out the drugs with baking soda, so when the test comes back, they have to let Jamie go. Chris' problems aren't over. Jamie tells him he owes him, and he'll be collecting, and then there's always whatever's going on with Chris.

However, while Sam and Andy's missing teacher is far far in the background, despite being in the station all episode, Gail and Oliver almost steal the end of the episode in a way that even overshadows finding the missing teacher in the trunk of a car. That final conversation is why Oliver was the right choice for that promotion. (The same can also be said of his conversations with Andy since she volunteered to be Duncan's training officer and that took a left turn then took a sharp right off a cliff.) Gail hasn't immediately moved on from the events of last week's episode and not even retail therapy can help. When she does eventually hand in her report, she admits that she can't get this case out of her head. Yes, they've had worse, but something about this one hurt more. Oliver assures her that's okay and he's there if she ever needs anything.

Finally, Duncan's not gone (unfortunately). Instead, he's popping up in the station to make Andy's life hell and to file allegations against Andy and the division. Who else knew he'd be trouble as soon as Andy volunteered to be his training officer and it was revealed his stepfather's the commissioner? Sure, Andy's problems with Duncan lead to a conversation between Andy and Sam about running away to a beach together (and sand in his sandwiches), but can Duncan just disappear from 15 Division's officers' lives already?

"Rookie Blue" season 5 airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC. What did you think of episode 5 "Going Under"?

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