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'Rookie Blue' 'Deal With the Devil' recap: Taking initiative

'Rookie Blue' season 5 episode 7 "Deal With the Devil"
'Rookie Blue' season 5 episode 7 "Deal With the Devil"
ABC/Ken Woroner, used with permission

The Thursday, July 31 episode of "Rookie Blue," 5x07, "Deal With the Devil," introduces yet another reason to put Duncan on your "please go away soon" list. Meanwhile, a thumb is found in garbage, Gail tries to apologize to Holly, Chloe gets a couple of birthday gifts and Dov finds out Chris' secret.

Let's be honest for a moment. Did anyone actually care about the case in this "Rookie Blue" episode? A thumb (despite what Chloe originally thinks) is found in the garbage of a restaurant, the owner uses the excuse that it's "too damp" in the basement for him to go down there which is why he didn't know a suspect of a firebombing was down there and Ben Bass delivers "Crime doesn't sleep, Mr. Patootie. We have other matters to attend to" and "No child should lose an appendage to a kitchen appliance" perfectly (and there are several other notable lines connected to this case), and it's still hard to even care who did what and who's guilty of what and who chopped off whose finger.

That's because there's so much else going on, and poor Oliver is pretty much at the center of all of it. His daughter is suspended from school for a protest she staged after he told her to take initiative and then goes missing. He tells Nick and Chloe to do the same thing, and they bring garbage back to the station and set up in the break room. Inspector John Jarvis won't get off his back about accepting the Staff Sergeant position, even though all Oliver wants is to go back to the street. Duncan's hearing is moved up, giving them two hours instead of two weeks to prepare. His office is a mess, and now he's going to have to deal with it since he's now stuck keeping the job he never wanted to protect Andy. It's Oliver's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

It's bad enough when Andy admits to Oliver that she fudged his performance reviews to make him seem better. Let's be honest. Nothing Duncan did on the job could be considered "satisfactory with room for improvement." He pulled a gun on a mother getting her registration out during a traffic stop. He used the bathroom after they cleared the house on a robbery call. He turned off his radio when Andy was in a life-threatening situation. It gets much, much worse when she admits that she talked to him at the bar.

Then it gets even worse when Andy meets her lawyer (oh, if only her father was the police commissioner and could get her one like Duncan's) and Duncan reveals that he recorded their conversation, and in the video, she says that maybe she should be blaming herself for his mistakes and she failed. With that, the superintendent is ready to expand the scope of the investigation, so Oliver does the only thing he can: accept Inspector Jarvis' offer so he'll make it go away by dealing with the issue internally. The big problem: Duncan gets his job back.

It can go without saying that there were mistakes made by everyone, and yes, maybe Andy was too eager (and too drunk) when she made the decision to become Duncan's training officer, but if he didn't have the police commissioner for a stepfather, none of this would be happening. It's very much the obvious path to be taking Duncan, especially once they mentioned his father's the commissioner and he messed up on his first day, and all it seems to be doing is making it a bit too easy to dislike the new characters this season, especially with Oliver mentioning that someone had Duncan set up that conversation with Andy.

Meanwhile, Gail tries to apologize to Holly, but it's too late because she's moved on and she's seeing someone else. Even a speech like the one Gail gives when Holly brings by the thumb - "I'm impetuous, I'm self-destructive. I'm a brat. And I don't want to end up a sad, sorry woman who threw away the most wonderful person she ever met." – isn't enough to win her back (at least not yet maybe?), but hey, this is a good side of Gail right now.

Oh, and it's Chloe's birthday, and while one of her gifts is something she's wanted for a while – off desk-duty and back in the field – another is not. After revealing that what she really wants to do is watch "The Breakfast Club" and eat popcorn to Nick, she receives a box with the movie and popcorn inside, but it's not from her boyfriend or a sweet gesture from Nick. Instead, it's from Wes, who just won't go away. If he keeps showing up, he could be some serious competition for most annoying character this season for Duncan.

But at least Dov has a good reason for not being there for his girlfriend on her birthday. After Chris misses work – and calls out sick with a lame excuse – Dov does some digging around his car before heading home and finding Chris getting high and playing online poker. Chris does a horrible job of hiding his drugs – he even looks in that direction – and Dov has had enough. It's his house and he's lying for his friend. Chris argues that he didn't ask him to lie for him and that he's not a junkie, but Dov puts an end to that argument with one sentence: "No, you're a cop."

"Rookie Blue" season 5 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC. What did you think of episode 7 "Deal With the Devil"?

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